lampshade studio: Blog en-us (C) lampshade studio (lampshade studio) Fri, 30 Jun 2017 22:30:00 GMT Fri, 30 Jun 2017 22:30:00 GMT lampshade studio: Blog 92 120 aspen hills golf course get away this group came from all over to gather at Star Valley Ranch.  I was lucky enough to take their photos on the golf course behind the beautiful rental house (message me if you need more info on that).  They were so kind and sweet and fun.  I have never had anyone include a mask for the menfolk for photos :)!

LMP_2153LMP_2153 LMP_2161LMP_2161 LMP_1733LMP_1733 LMP_1775LMP_1775 LMP_2078LMP_2078 LMP_2058LMP_2058 LMP_2033LMP_2033 LMP_1682-2LMP_1682-2 LMP_1818LMP_1818 LMP_1699LMP_1699 LMP_1994LMP_1994 LMP_1719LMP_1719 LMP_1676LMP_1676 LMP_1786LMP_1786 LMP_1682LMP_1682

LMP_1740LMP_1740 LMP_1985LMP_1985 LMP_1884LMP_1884 LMP_1967LMP_1967 LMP_1976LMP_1976 LMP_1857LMP_1857 LMP_1813LMP_1813


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m&m maddi and energy are synonymous.  her wedding was the same.  it was a beautiful WARM november day with spark and love (and pinterest dreams of decor).  all the best to you too!!

LMP_4025LMP_4025 LSS_8741LSS_8741 LSS_8727LSS_8727 LSS_8904LSS_8904 LSS_8699LSS_8699 LMP_4212LMP_4212 LMP_4052LMP_4052 LSS_8821LSS_8821 LSS_9045LSS_9045 LMP_4102LMP_4102 LSS_8146LSS_8146 LSS_8539LSS_8539 LSS_8400LSS_8400 LSS_8251LSS_8251 LSS_8194LSS_8194 LSS_7962LSS_7962 LSS_8653LSS_8653 LSS_8650LSS_8650 LSS_8202LSS_8202 LMP_3872LMP_3872 LMP_3926LMP_3926 LMP_3941LMP_3941 LSS_8858LSS_8858 LMP_3909LMP_3909 LSS_8717LSS_8717 LMP_3825LMP_3825 LSS_8663LSS_8663 LSS_8232LSS_8232 LMP_4256LMP_4256 LMP_4223LMP_4223 LSS_8709LSS_8709 LMP_4103LMP_4103 LMP_3988LMP_3988 LMP_4016LMP_4016 LMP_4085LMP_4085 LSS_8660LSS_8660 LMP_4334LMP_4334 LMP_4255LMP_4255 LMP_4084LMP_4084 LMP_4348LMP_4348 LMP_4050LMP_4050

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voted best hair this handsome, kind young man was voted as best hair by his class of 2017.  go parker go, you are awesome!

LSS_0539LSS_0539 LSS_0693LSS_0693 LSS_0684LSS_0684 LSS_0630LSS_0630 LSS_0619LSS_0619 LSS_0758LSS_0758 LSS_0723LSS_0723 LSS_0750LSS_0750 LSS_0664LSS_0664 LSS_0563LSS_0563 LSS_0633LSS_0633 LSS_0478LSS_0478 LSS_0658LSS_0658 LSS_0726LSS_0726

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twin seniors and family one very early morning, this beautiful family met me on the snake river to get photos taken of their beautiful senior girls.  it so sweet to see their amazing connection and friendship with each other.  good luck post girls in your future adventures! LMP_0822LMP_0822 LMP_0965LMP_0965 LMP_1081LMP_1081 LMP_0909LMP_0909 LMP_1049LMP_1049 LMP_0956LMP_0956 LMP_1051LMP_1051 LMP_0897LMP_0897 LMP_1006LMP_1006 LMP_1163LMP_1163 LMP_0842LMP_0842 LMP_0844LMP_0844 LMP_0881LMP_0881 LMP_0938LMP_0938 LMP_1175LMP_1175 LMP_1009LMP_1009 LMP_1030LMP_1030 LMP_1170LMP_1170 LMP_1139LMP_1139 LMP_1136LMP_1136 LMP_0873LMP_0873 LMP_1018LMP_1018 LMP_1067LMP_1067 LMP_1084LMP_1084 LMP_1073LMP_1073 LMP_1048LMP_1048 LMP_0931LMP_0931 LMP_1153LMP_1153 LMP_1147LMP_1147 LMP_1197LMP_1197 LMP_1088LMP_1088

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riley horse and dog what a beautiful cowgirl on a beautiful fall afternoon.  best of luck to you riley in all your adulthood adventures!

LSS_0675LSS_0675 LSS_0811LSS_0811 LSS_0721LSS_0721 LSS_0924LSS_0924 LSS_0856LSS_0856 LSS_0586LSS_0586 LSS_0689LSS_0689 LSS_0829LSS_0829 LSS_0650LSS_0650 LSS_0802LSS_0802 LSS_0671LSS_0671 LSS_0710LSS_0710 LSS_0698LSS_0698 LSS_0772LSS_0772 LSS_0668LSS_0668 LSS_0942LSS_0942 LSS_0853LSS_0853 LSS_0779LSS_0779 LSS_0779-2LSS_0779-2 LSS_0779-3LSS_0779-3

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red white and blue is it wrong to claim a family as a photographer?  i have grown up as a photographer with this family.  they have taken me to exotic locations like seattle and the berry farm.  they have shared weddings, seniors, grandkids, joys, sorrows, and amazing HUGS.  thank you for making me feel like an important part of your lives.  i know there are others out there who would love to be your photographer and would do an amazing job, but thank you for letting me be on the other side of the lens for you!

LMP_7374LMP_7374 LMP_7168LMP_7168 LMP_7119LMP_7119 LMP_4036LMP_4036 LMP_7145LMP_7145 LMP_7188LMP_7188 LMP_7404LMP_7404 LMP_7218LMP_7218 LMP_3998LMP_3998 LMP_7076-Edit-2LMP_7076-Edit-2 LMP_7209LMP_7209 LMP_4034LMP_4034 LMP_7385LMP_7385 LMP_7102LMP_7102 LMP_7104LMP_7104 LMP_4058LMP_4058 LMP_6995LMP_6995 LMP_4120LMP_4120 LMP_7143LMP_7143 LMP_7062LMP_7062 LMP_7025LMP_7025 LMP_7249-2LMP_7249-2 LMP_7123LMP_7123 LMP_7312LMP_7312 LMP_7092LMP_7092 LMP_7010LMP_7010 LMP_4072LMP_4072 LMP_3984LMP_3984 LMP_7019LMP_7019 LMP_7344LMP_7344

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Fabulous phone cases now available! (and on $10 off for a limited time) i love a custom phone case, but in the past, all i tried were not the highest of quality.  BUT NOW....


Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.35.18 AMScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.35.18 AM



All cases are made using the highest quality materials, inks, coatings, and decoration processes available, and are backed by a lifetime warranty that covers defects/product failure. These customizable cases are designed with access to ports for easy connectivity, and are created using processes that embed inks underneath coatings so they last longer, resist scratches, and don’t fade or rub off easily. A three-step quality control process ensures a consistently great product that you can show off to the world. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.33.51 AMScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.33.51 AM

Three Different Case Styles for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Devices

bakpak case 



tough case


Until Aug 30, i'll be offering these phone cases for $10 OFF!

($28 instead of $38, or $32 instead of $42 for a lifetime warranted gem)

to order, find your favorite photo by lampshade studio on, 

(sports photos from Thayne Rec, Afton Rec, SVMS, or SVHS are also available for this, but contact lampshade studio first to get the link to your photo.)

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then choose your favorite for you phone style!

]]> (lampshade studio) amazing bakpak case cases family folio iPhone lifetime outdoor photography portrait quality samsung star valley star&valley&photographer tough warranty Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:10:50 GMT
jamie at bear lake there is a beach close by, and man, it was a perfect evening to hit it with this amazing athlete!

LMP_4126LMP_4126 LMP_3812LMP_3812 LMP_4146LMP_4146 LMP_3829LMP_3829 LMP_4059LMP_4059 LMP_4022LMP_4022 LMP_3808LMP_3808 LMP_3723LMP_3723 LMP_3923LMP_3923 LMP_4140LMP_4140 LMP_3784LMP_3784 LMP_3851LMP_3851 LMP_3897LMP_3897 LMP_4129LMP_4129 LMP_4167LMP_4167 LMP_4163LMP_4163 LMP_3819LMP_3819 LMP_4150LMP_4150 LMP_3806LMP_3806 LMP_4008LMP_4008 LMP_4050LMP_4050 LMP_3958LMP_3958 LMP_3892LMP_3892 LMP_4055LMP_4055 LMP_3761LMP_3761 LMP_4092LMP_4092

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hannah and power plant the real trick to great portraits is confidence in front of the lens.  this girl definitely had it!

LSS_9820LSS_9820 LSS_9749LSS_9749 LSS_9798LSS_9798 LSS_9648-2LSS_9648-2 LSS_9675LSS_9675 LSS_9780LSS_9780 LSS_9756LSS_9756 LSS_9717LSS_9717 LSS_9689LSS_9689 LSS_9802LSS_9802 LSS_9738LSS_9738 LSS_9761LSS_9761 LSS_9817LSS_9817 LSS_9836LSS_9836 LSS_9644LSS_9644 LSS_9664LSS_9664

]]> (lampshade studio) abandoned alpine blond building confidence crumbling destination dress forest outdoor photography plant portrait power senior star valley star&valley&photographer strawberry woods wyomin Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:00:00 GMT
in texas on a mission hannah got her mission call to texas and came up with this super cute way of announcing it

LSS_1119LSS_1119 LSS_1020LSS_1020 LSS_1021LSS_1021 LSS_1150LSS_1150 LSS_1044LSS_1044 LSS_1146LSS_1146 LSS_1012LSS_1012 LSS_1109LSS_1109 LSS_1097LSS_1097 LSS_1212LSS_1212 LSS_0993LSS_0993 LSS_1040LSS_1040 LSS_1151LSS_1151

]]> (lampshade studio) book destination dresses fall glasses lDS mission missionary mormon of outdoor photography pond portrait ranch sister star valley star&valley&photographer texas tree willow Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:30:00 GMT
backyard of snow photos in your own space are a great way to capture your family, and your physical sphere of love.

LSS_0364-3LSS_0364-3 LSS_0409LSS_0409 LSS_0453LSS_0453 LSS_0258LSS_0258 LSS_0472LSS_0472 LSS_0323LSS_0323 LSS_0468LSS_0468 LSS_0278LSS_0278 LSS_0473LSS_0473 LSS_0326LSS_0326 LSS_0364-2LSS_0364-2 LSS_0273LSS_0273

]]> (lampshade studio) aspen family outdoor photography portrait ranch snow star star valley star&valley&photographer sweater valley yard Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:00:00 GMT
evan in the mountains this guy has the best heel clicks around.  best of luck in all your world travels!!!

LSS_7768LSS_7768 LSS_7483LSS_7483 LSS_7510LSS_7510 LSS_7562LSS_7562 LSS_7822LSS_7822 LSS_7870LSS_7870 LSS_7900LSS_7900 LSS_7631LSS_7631 LSS_7842LSS_7842 LSS_7848LSS_7848 LSS_7665LSS_7665 LSS_7468LSS_7468 LSS_7525LSS_7525 LSS_7586LSS_7586 LSS_7838LSS_7838 LSS_7508LSS_7508 LSS_7463LSS_7463 LSS_7739LSS_7739 LSS_7533LSS_7533

]]> (lampshade studio) band bike clarinet high jackson landing outdoor park photography portrait river rocks sagebrush school schwabacher senior snake star valley star&valley&photographer summer teton woods Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:17:28 GMT
emma wow, this girl was is so kind, funky, and  STRIKING!

LSS_4710LSS_4710 LSS_4942LSS_4942 LSS_4807-2LSS_4807-2 LSS_4807LSS_4807 LSS_4869LSS_4869 LSS_4762-2LSS_4762-2 LSS_4762LSS_4762 LSS_4784LSS_4784 LSS_4944LSS_4944 LSS_4758LSS_4758 LSS_4729LSS_4729 LSS_4884LSS_4884 LSS_4882LSS_4882 LSS_4874LSS_4874

]]> (lampshade studio) aspen autumn cabins country cute destination fall funky hair hay ice leaves outdoor photography portrait pumpkin river rural salt senior short star valley star&valley&photographer sunset western Fri, 23 Jun 2017 21:18:33 GMT
eagle vison the one and only optometrist in Eagle Mountain... EAGLE VISION

this chronicles the roberts visiting their aunt at her work place LSS_6725LSS_6725 LSS_6806LSS_6806

LSS_6995LSS_6995 LSS_6922LSS_6922 LSS_7000LSS_7000 LSS_6892LSS_6892 LSS_6759LSS_6759 LSS_6737LSS_6737 LSS_6979LSS_6979 LSS_6962LSS_6962 LSS_6884LSS_6884

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home for thanksgiving such a darling family, that made it back, all together in november.

LMP_4620LMP_4620 LMP_4382LMP_4382 LMP_4371LMP_4371 LMP_4677LMP_4677 LMP_4558LMP_4558 LMP_4449LMP_4449 LMP_4684LMP_4684

]]> (lampshade studio) family outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:36:21 GMT
couches of hay how cool is this extended family and their furniture of hay?  (hint: SOOO COOL)

LMP_9692LMP_9692 LMP_9280LMP_9280 LMP_9391LMP_9391 LMP_9710LMP_9710 LMP_9737LMP_9737 LMP_9815LMP_9815 LMP_9459LMP_9459 LMP_9642LMP_9642 LMP_9555LMP_9555 LMP_9490LMP_9490 LMP_9718LMP_9718 LMP_9473LMP_9473 LMP_9066LMP_9066 LMP_9251LMP_9251 LMP_9838LMP_9838 LMP_9673LMP_9673 LMP_9591LMP_9591 LMP_9209LMP_9209 LMP_9759LMP_9759 LMP_9304LMP_9304

]]> (lampshade studio) baby country couple creative destination extended family fields furniture gold grain grandkids hay kids outdoor photography portrait props star valley star&valley&photographer wyoming Tue, 20 Jun 2017 00:35:01 GMT
dashing darren not everyone will let a discovered-in-the-woods-roll of caution tape take over a session.  it was serendipitously appropriate considering this young man's past "incidents ".  thanks darren for the fun session and the working that red tape!

LSS_0140LSS_0140 LSS_0236-2LSS_0236-2 LSS_0074LSS_0074 LSS_0055LSS_0055 LSS_0044LSS_0044 LSS_0204LSS_0204 LSS_0120LSS_0120 LSS_0243LSS_0243 LSS_0023LSS_0023 LSS_0168LSS_0168 LSS_0050LSS_0050 LSS_9919LSS_9919 LSS_9936LSS_9936 LSS_0182LSS_0182 LSS_0221LSS_0221 LSS_9957LSS_9957 LSS_0039LSS_0039 LSS_0037LSS_0037 LSS_9972LSS_9972 LSS_9914LSS_9914 LSS_0171LSS_0171 LSS_0046LSS_0046 LSS_0055LSS_0055 LSS_0063LSS_0063

]]> (lampshade studio) afton caution dig editorial fall hills male model outdoor photography portrait ranch sagebrush senior star valley star&valley&photographer striking tape woods Mon, 19 Jun 2017 17:40:36 GMT
seniors that love america senior sessions are so much fun!  i can't believe that it is time for 2017 to start getting theirs done.

this session was a beautiful evening, up and down the canyon, and even in the dark on daddy's old truck :)

LSS_5165LSS_5165 LSS_5023LSS_5023 LSS_5167LSS_5167 LSS_5332LSS_5332 LSS_5098LSS_5098 LSS_5194LSS_5194 LSS_5128LSS_5128 LSS_5247LSS_5247 LSS_5041LSS_5041 LSS_5220LSS_5220 LSS_5288LSS_5288 LSS_5255LSS_5255 LSS_5323LSS_5323 LSS_4968LSS_4968 LSS_5203LSS_5203

]]> (lampshade studio) america american autumn boots canyon chair country cowgirl fall farm field flag hay moon outdoor photography portrait river rural senior senior&pictures star valley star&valley&photographer suitcase truck Sat, 10 Jun 2017 12:15:00 GMT
familyCwelcomesbabyC i love this sweet little family.  it has been fun to play with their inventive boy.  it is going to be even more fun in their house with a new baby boy... oh those rolls!!

LSS_1038LSS_1038 LSS_1012LSS_1012 LSS_1050LSS_1050 LSS_1000LSS_1000 LSS_1092LSS_1092 LSS_1128LSS_1128 LSS_1058LSS_1058 LSS_1104LSS_1104 LSS_1097LSS_1097 LSS_1011LSS_1011 LSS_1071LSS_1071 LSS_1055LSS_1055 LSS_1052LSS_1052 LSS_1030LSS_1030

]]> (lampshade studio) baby backdrop drop&it&modern family newborn photography portrait sleepy star valley star&valley&photographer studio Sat, 10 Jun 2017 02:15:00 GMT
onthefarm i'm so lucky to have this family as my neighbors.  we all need someone looking out for us, keeping an eye on my need.  it takes a village right?  i apprentice you guys!!

I loved taking these family photos as farming was happening in real time.

LMP_8024LMP_8024 LMP_8189LMP_8189 LMP_8235LMP_8235 LMP_7788LMP_7788 LMP_8061LMP_8061 LMP_8183LMP_8183 LMP_8215LMP_8215 LMP_7905LMP_7905 LMP_7723LMP_7723 LMP_7879LMP_7879 LMP_7754LMP_7754 LMP_8221LMP_8221 LMP_8208LMP_8208 LMP_8130LMP_8130

]]> (lampshade studio) baler bales country cowboy etna family farm farmer hats hay outdoor photography portrait puppy ranch rancher rural star valley star&valley&photographer Fri, 09 Jun 2017 12:00:00 GMT