baylee and frost at dawn

January 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

one cold saturday morning, when the frost was thick and the air crisp, baylee and i had a great photo session down by the river.  (no van included)

LMP_3822LMP_3822 LMP_3765LMP_3765 LMP_3975LMP_3975 LMP_4064LMP_4064 LMP_3895LMP_3895 LMP_3771LMP_3771 LMP_3826LMP_3826 LMP_4014LMP_4014 LMP_3964LMP_3964 LMP_4051LMP_4051 LMP_4032LMP_4032 LMP_3953LMP_3953 LMP_3918LMP_3918 LMP_3810LMP_3810 LMP_3865LMP_3865 LMP_4097LMP_4097 LMP_3812LMP_3812 LMP_3839LMP_3839 LMP_3999LMP_3999 LMP_3751LMP_3751


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