haley g in autumn

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today i'm showing photos of beautiful haley g. to highlight some of my favorite editing choices.  here we have a full natural looking color, a desaturated sharpened warm wash, and a classic black and white.  some photos look better with one or another, but some times i find a photo that loves all three.  it is interesting that each effect draws your eye to something different than the last.  what one do you like best?  


LMP_3561LMP_3561 LMP_3561-2LMP_3561-2 LMP_3561-3LMP_3561-3

this session was a peaceful morning stroll down thayne and muddy string.  we had some great photographic finds!  thanks haley! LMP_3717LMP_3717 LMP_3579LMP_3579 LMP_3726LMP_3726 LMP_3500LMP_3500 LMP_3540LMP_3540

LMP_3364LMP_3364 LMP_3434LMP_3434

LMP_3702LMP_3702 LMP_3471LMP_3471 LMP_3545LMP_3545 LMP_3407LMP_3407 LMP_3516LMP_3516 LMP_3670LMP_3670 LMP_3693LMP_3693 LMP_3647LMP_3647 LMP_3400LMP_3400


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