the nelson's announce

January 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

these parents wanted to tell their kids about their new sibling in a special way.  

they had each person in the family show their cowboy boots, for a "family boot photo".  then an extra baby pair was brought out to add to the photo.  it took a minute, but the kids started to figure it out.  it was so fabulous to be there and document the children's discovery.  Afterwards, it was such a fun way for them to then share the photos with everyone else announcing their exciting news.  thanks nelson's for letting me be a part of this moment.  you're a beautiful growing  family.  

the gorgeous location is the "Happitu Ranch" just up from McCoy Creek turn off.  It is available to rent for weddings, parties, and any event you would want a specatular mountain setting for.  If you want more infomation, shoot me an email and i'll head you in the right direction.  

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What a fun idea.
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