hiking around the snake

February 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

​this was my first brother / sister combo senior session.  they were fabulous.  despite my finger becoming too cold and numb to push the shutter button, we got some cool shots (the fireplace idea at this point in time was genius, thanks Jennifer).  the snake river has great color all year round, and these two were really great mountain kids to go with it.

LMP_0192LMP_0192 LMP_0296LMP_0296 LMP_0240LMP_0240 LMP_0175LMP_0175 LMP_0149LMP_0149 LMP_0290LMP_0290 LMP_0229LMP_0229 LMP_0098LMP_0098 LMP_0076LMP_0076 LMP_0089LMP_0089 LMP_0214LMP_0214 LMP_0387LMP_0387 LMP_0254LMP_0254 LMP_0392LMP_0392


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