two very cool boys

February 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

in the high school, seniors are given a tile to decorate and leave as a legacy forever in the halls.  i recently saw the tiles of these two, and oh, how that made me smile.  you guys are the best.  high fives all around.

sam and jason

LMP_9026LMP_9026 LMP_8929LMP_8929 LMP_8864LMP_8864 LMP_9095LMP_9095 LMP_8976LMP_8976 LMP_8890LMP_8890 LMP_9012LMP_9012 LMP_9122LMP_9122 LMP_8905LMP_8905 LMP_9092LMP_9092 LMP_9082LMP_9082 LMP_9000LMP_9000 LMP_9116LMP_9116 LMP_8913LMP_8913 LMP_8821LMP_8821 LMP_8862LMP_8862 LMP_8923LMP_8923 LMP_8979LMP_8979


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