hannah bo frozen banana

March 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


yes that is right, these photos were taken in negative 14° frosty winter

​nonetheless, hannah was amazing!  we froze a laugh, visible to the eye, we found awesome metal, and really enjoyed a cold winters day (with frequent warming up in the car breaks)

LMP_1317LMP_1317 LMP_1424LMP_1424 LMP_1487LMP_1487

LMP_1462LMP_1462 LMP_1366LMP_1366

LMP_1480LMP_1480 LMP_1314LMP_1314

LMP_1461LMP_1461 LMP_1499LMP_1499 LMP_1290LMP_1290 LMP_1385LMP_1385 LMP_1468LMP_1468 LMP_1265LMP_1265 LMP_1401LMP_1401 LMP_1350LMP_1350


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