saylor the sweetie

March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

she was about to turn 8 and get baptized, so we took these fabulous winter photos of a beautiful girl.  

​oh saylor, you are so so so so so cute! #momswhocandohair

LMP_2808LMP_2808 LMP_2716LMP_2716 LMP_2704LMP_2704 LMP_2727LMP_2727 LMP_2844LMP_2844 LMP_2882LMP_2882 LMP_2685LMP_2685 LMP_2662LMP_2662 LMP_2783LMP_2783 LMP_2735LMP_2735 LMP_2800LMP_2800 LMP_2781LMP_2781 LMP_2749LMP_2749 LMP_2664LMP_2664 LMP_2677LMP_2677 LMP_2823LMP_2823


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