chicks in studio

June 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

sorry for the blog hiatus, my daughter asked me to not neglect this blog while i instagram (@lampshadestudio)and Facebook (Lampshade Studio).  please forgive me, i'm back on it! 

these delightful boys brought chicks to the studio.  so fluffy i'm going to die!

LMP_8882LMP_8882 LMP_8893LMP_8893 LMP_8858LMP_8858 LMP_8936-2LMP_8936-2 LMP_8916LMP_8916 LMP_8881LMP_8881 LMP_8845LMP_8845 LMP_8830LMP_8830 LMP_8953LMP_8953 LMP_8860LMP_8860 LMP_8947LMP_8947 LMP_8834LMP_8834

(tractors are usually around and they always are cute boy magnets)

LMP_8976LMP_8976 LMP_8911LMP_8911 LMP_8868LMP_8868 LMP_8831LMP_8831


luv the plaid ties as well.
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