twin seniors and family

July 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

one very early morning, this beautiful family met me on the snake river to get photos taken of their beautiful senior girls.  it so sweet to see their amazing connection and friendship with each other.  good luck post girls in your future adventures! LMP_0822LMP_0822 LMP_0965LMP_0965 LMP_1081LMP_1081 LMP_0909LMP_0909 LMP_1049LMP_1049 LMP_0956LMP_0956 LMP_1051LMP_1051 LMP_0897LMP_0897 LMP_1006LMP_1006 LMP_1163LMP_1163 LMP_0842LMP_0842 LMP_0844LMP_0844 LMP_0881LMP_0881 LMP_0938LMP_0938 LMP_1175LMP_1175 LMP_1009LMP_1009 LMP_1030LMP_1030 LMP_1170LMP_1170 LMP_1139LMP_1139 LMP_1136LMP_1136 LMP_0873LMP_0873 LMP_1018LMP_1018 LMP_1067LMP_1067 LMP_1084LMP_1084 LMP_1073LMP_1073 LMP_1048LMP_1048 LMP_0931LMP_0931 LMP_1153LMP_1153 LMP_1147LMP_1147 LMP_1197LMP_1197 LMP_1088LMP_1088


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