lampshade studio: Blog en-us (C) lampshade studio [email protected] (lampshade studio) Tue, 07 Nov 2023 02:13:00 GMT Tue, 07 Nov 2023 02:13:00 GMT lampshade studio: Blog 120 59 khale on the river looking for fish and ready to graduate oh khale, so handsome, kind. and grown up!  

watch out fish. (he legit caught one during this photo shoot)

LAM_5128LAM_5128 LAM_5226LAM_5226 LAM_5238LAM_5238 LAM_5346LAM_5346 LAM_5420LAM_5420 LAM_5393LAM_5393 LAM_5254LAM_5254 LAM_5126LAM_5126 LAM_5235LAM_5235 LAM_5308LAM_5308 LAM_5340LAM_5340 LAM_5378LAM_5378 LAM_5319LAM_5319 LAM_5232LAM_5232 LAM_5156LAM_5156 LAM_5406LAM_5406 LAM_5331LAM_5331 LAM_5178LAM_5178 LAM_5356LAM_5356 LAM_5349LAM_5349 LAM_5333LAM_5333 LAM_5249LAM_5249

[email protected] (lampshade studio) angler best chacos country fishing fly graduate how model mountains outdoor outdoors photography place portrait river rod rural salt senior star valley star&valley&photographer summer to Wyoming Tue, 07 Nov 2023 01:42:35 GMT
The Decomposers SVHS Band Presenting our seniors on SVHS Marching Band.  

So proud of them and their State Win!

Band Posters 23-11Band Posters 23-11

Band Posters 23-03Band Posters 23-03 Band Posters 23-05Band Posters 23-05 Band Posters 23-01Band Posters 23-01 Band Posters 23-04Band Posters 23-04 Band Posters 23-02Band Posters 23-02 Band Posters 23-06Band Posters 23-06 Band Posters 23-07Band Posters 23-07 Band Posters 23-10Band Posters 23-10 Band Posters 23-09Band Posters 23-09 Band Posters 23-08Band Posters 23-08 Band Posters 23-12Band Posters 23-12

[email protected] (lampshade studio) band cemetary champs fog graveyard instruments machine marching moon musicians outdoor photography portrait senior spooky star valley star&valley&photographer state Mon, 23 Oct 2023 16:59:03 GMT
kale and the family Why not take advantage of a session to do family and senior photos?   The hour is yours!

Here are some in beautiful Bedford Wy.




LAM_4494LAM_4494 LAM_4511LAM_4511

then the neighborhood gang showed up on dirt bikes LAM_4514LAM_4514 LAM_4544LAM_4544 LAM_4582LAM_4582 LAM_4584-177LAM_4584-177 LAM_4594LAM_4594 LAM_4619LAM_4619 LAM_4626LAM_4626 LAM_4630LAM_4630 LAM_4661LAM_4661 LAM_4674LAM_4674 LAM_4719LAM_4719 LAM_4729LAM_4729


LAM_4738LAM_4738 LAM_4739LAM_4739 LAM_4744LAM_4744 LAM_4749LAM_4749 LAM_4762LAM_4762 LAM_4767LAM_4767 LAM_4779LAM_4779 LAM_4787LAM_4787 LAM_4793-178LAM_4793-178 LAM_4797LAM_4797 LAM_4809LAM_4809 LAM_4837LAM_4837 LAM_4904LAM_4904 LAM_4906LAM_4906 LAM_4951LAM_4951 LAM_4983LAM_4983

[email protected] (lampshade studio) Bedford country couple cowboy family fields hat horses outdoor photography portrait senior star valley star&valley&photographer summer Wed, 18 Oct 2023 16:30:15 GMT
backyard with the family When you have such a beautiful place to live, why not get photos with the whole gang on the property. :). What a great family. 


LAM_4361LAM_4361 LAM_4346LAM_4346 LAM_4238-172-2LAM_4238-172-2 LAM_4039LAM_4039 LAM_4039-2LAM_4039-2 LAM_4320LAM_4320 LAM_4228LAM_4228 LAM_4163LAM_4163 LAM_4087LAM_4087 LAM_3937LAM_3937 LAM_4414LAM_4414 LAM_4380LAM_4380 LAM_4291LAM_4291 LAM_4205LAM_4205 LAM_4157LAM_4157 LAM_4117LAM_4117 LAM_4103LAM_4103 LAM_4023LAM_4023 LAM_3925LAM_3925

[email protected] (lampshade studio) children cowboy family fields fun grass hats outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer sunset tall Tue, 17 Oct 2023 16:26:09 GMT
2022 happy new year!

I wish it would include ALL the photos I love, but it is just a taste.  Thank you to all who make me smile right back at you!  I have the best clients!

[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby best bride family favorite fun groom mountains newborn outdoor photography portrait senior star valley star&valley&photographer studio talented the wedding Sat, 31 Dec 2022 22:09:03 GMT
alexis .. boss LSS_9833LSS_9833 LSS_9779LSS_9779 LSS_9793LSS_9793 LSS_9919LSS_9919 LSS_9830LSS_9830 LSS_9935LSS_9935 LSS_9945LSS_9945 LSS_9841LSS_9841 LSS_0006LSS_0006 LSS_9975LSS_9975 LSS_9875LSS_9875 LSS_9897-2LSS_9897-2 LSS_0082LSS_0082 LSS_9968LSS_9968 LSS_9905LSS_9905 LSS_9949LSS_9949 LSS_9974LSS_9974 LSS_9897LSS_9897 LSS_0089LSS_0089 LSS_0030LSS_0030 LSS_9979LSS_9979 LSS_0008LSS_0008 LSS_0038LSS_0038 LSS_9900LSS_9900 LSS_0063LSS_0063 LSS_9842LSS_9842 LSS_0098LSS_0098 LSS_9920LSS_9920 LSS_9893LSS_9893 LSS_9890LSS_9890 LSS_9942LSS_9942 LSS_9956LSS_9956

[email protected] (lampshade studio) colors dog fall fields girl love narrows nature outdoor photography pins portrait puppies retro senior star valley star&valley&photographer woods Mon, 14 Nov 2022 16:34:35 GMT
Avery gets an A LSS_7574LSS_7574 LSS_7564LSS_7564
LSS_7603LSS_7603 LSS_7650LSS_7650 LSS_7692LSS_7692 LSS_7636-2LSS_7636-2 LSS_7751LSS_7751 LSS_7747LSS_7747 LSS_7737LSS_7737 LSS_7755LSS_7755 LSS_7593-2LSS_7593-2 LSS_7712LSS_7712 LSS_7729LSS_7729 LSS_7698LSS_7698 LSS_7695LSS_7695 LSS_7657LSS_7657 LSS_7655-2LSS_7655-2 LSS_7633-2LSS_7633-2 LSS_7677LSS_7677 LSS_7748LSS_7748 LSS_7748-2LSS_7748-2

[email protected] (lampshade studio) creek evening forest national outdoor pants photography pink portrait ranch senior star star valley star&valley&photographer strawberry summer sunsets valley water Wyoming Mon, 14 Nov 2022 16:33:11 GMT
braydon senior pictures are fun, 

even when it is cold

and you get a lot of bonus points with mom :)

LSS_0876LSS_0876 LSS_0871LSS_0871 LSS_0919-2LSS_0919-2 LSS_0823LSS_0823 LSS_0809LSS_0809 LSS_0813LSS_0813 LSS_0838LSS_0838 LSS_0830LSS_0830 LSS_0842LSS_0842 LSS_0818-2LSS_0818-2 LSS_0850LSS_0850
LSS_0849LSS_0849 LSS_0811LSS_0811 LSS_0863LSS_0863 LSS_0905LSS_0905 LSS_0873LSS_0873 LSS_0919LSS_0919 LSS_0887LSS_0887 LSS_0935LSS_0935

[email protected] (lampshade studio) aspen boy canyon cool fall fresh lampshade late outdoor photography portrait prater senior snow star valley star&valley&photographer trees Wyoming Sat, 12 Nov 2022 13:30:00 GMT
beautiful b. LSS_0945LSS_0945 LSS_0972LSS_0972 LSS_0971LSS_0971 LSS_1006LSS_1006 LSS_1122LSS_1122 LSS_1111LSS_1111 LSS_1094LSS_1094 LSS_1017LSS_1017 LSS_1068LSS_1068 LSS_0955LSS_0955 LSS_1036LSS_1036 LSS_1122-2LSS_1122-2 LSS_1100LSS_1100 LSS_1088LSS_1088 LSS_1091LSS_1091 LSS_1144LSS_1144 LSS_1037LSS_1037 LSS_1094-2LSS_1094-2 LSS_1015LSS_1015 LSS_1038LSS_1038 LSS_0950LSS_0950 LSS_0977LSS_0977 LSS_0989LSS_0989 LSS_0993LSS_0993

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton Jackson&hole outdoor photography portrait senior senior&photos star valley star&valley&photographer Wyoming Fri, 11 Nov 2022 23:23:19 GMT
Oh Olivia LSS_2930LSS_2930 LSS_2938LSS_2938 LSS_2941LSS_2941 LSS_2966LSS_2966 LSS_2996LSS_2996 LSS_3000LSS_3000 LSS_3003LSS_3003 LSS_3018LSS_3018 LSS_3040LSS_3040 LSS_3048LSS_3048 LSS_3068LSS_3068 LSS_3085LSS_3085 LSS_3092LSS_3092 LSS_3107LSS_3107 LSS_3109LSS_3109 LSS_3113LSS_3113 LSS_3116LSS_3116 LSS_3128LSS_3128 LSS_3143LSS_3143 LSS_3151LSS_3151 LSS_3159LSS_3159 LSS_3168LSS_3168 LSS_3181LSS_3181 LSS_3200LSS_3200 LSS_3201LSS_3201 LSS_3201-2LSS_3201-2 LSS_3201-3LSS_3201-3 LSS_3210LSS_3210 LSS_3216LSS_3216 LSS_3231LSS_3231 LSS_3234LSS_3234 LSS_3267LSS_3267 LSS_3270LSS_3270 LSS_3319LSS_3319

[email protected] (lampshade studio) antlers beautiful best chest country dancer fake forest golden high hour ideas moving natural outdoor outfits photo photography portrait school senior star valley star&valley&photographer the Thu, 04 Aug 2022 13:30:00 GMT
k&A LSS_2005LSS_2005 LSS_2129LSS_2129 LSS_2240LSS_2240 LSS_2268-EditLSS_2268-Edit LSS_2275LSS_2275 LSS_2283LSS_2283 LSS_2284LSS_2284 LSS_2285LSS_2285 LSS_2300LSS_2300 LSS_2303LSS_2303 LSS_2307LSS_2307 LSS_2310LSS_2310 LSS_2316LSS_2316 LSS_2337LSS_2337 LSS_2331LSS_2331 LSS_2345LSS_2345 LSS_2359-3LSS_2359-3 LSS_2370LSS_2370 LSS_2359LSS_2359 LSS_2372LSS_2372 LSS_2375LSS_2375 LSS_2376LSS_2376 LSS_2377LSS_2377 LSS_2383LSS_2383 LSS_2443-2LSS_2443-2 LSS_2409LSS_2409 LSS_2457LSS_2457 LSS_2456LSS_2456 LSS_2443LSS_2443 LSS_2494LSS_2494 LSS_2532-2LSS_2532-2 LSS_2549LSS_2549

[email protected] (lampshade studio) beautiful. bride bridesmaids Cutebridal family groom groomsmen May outdoor photography pink portrait sage spring star valley star&valley&photographer wedding Wyoming Wed, 03 Aug 2022 22:41:00 GMT
weston in the wilderness what an amazing high school senior and the best climber i've ever photographed!

LSS_8769LSS_8769 LSS_8850LSS_8850 LSS_8713LSS_8713 LSS_8910LSS_8910 LSS_8691LSS_8691 LSS_8837LSS_8837 LSS_9030LSS_9030 LSS_8872LSS_8872 LSS_8819-2LSS_8819-2 LSS_9014LSS_9014 LSS_8851LSS_8851 LSS_8778LSS_8778 LSS_8785LSS_8785

[email protected] (lampshade studio) alpine forest headshot outdoor photography portrait senior star valley star&valley&photographer wyoming Wed, 22 Sep 2021 21:16:43 GMT
fun with pink gel light priscilla wanted her senior photos different from the usual.. 

we went with a pink (and some green) gel light to get that PINK PINK PINK look she wanted.  

this was fun, what kind of edit do you like? -the bright pink  -the retro soft pink  -black & white ???


LSS_1704LSS_1704 LSS_1704-2LSS_1704-2 LSS_1704-3LSS_1704-3

LSS_1686LSS_1686 LSS_1760LSS_1760 LSS_1894LSS_1894 LSS_1935LSS_1935 LSS_1731LSS_1731 LSS_1749LSS_1749 LSS_1916LSS_1916 LSS_1858LSS_1858 LSS_1780LSS_1780 LSS_1916-2LSS_1916-2 LSS_1919LSS_1919 LSS_1919-2LSS_1919-2 LSS_1870LSS_1870 LSS_1886LSS_1886 LSS_1737LSS_1737 LSS_1686-2LSS_1686-2 LSS_1686-3LSS_1686-3 LSS_1686-4LSS_1686-4 LSS_1699LSS_1699 LSS_1905LSS_1905 LSS_1868LSS_1868 LSS_1907LSS_1907 LSS_1940LSS_1940 LSS_1943LSS_1943

[email protected] (lampshade studio) damask family fun glamour green halloween lighting photography pink portrait professional prom retro senior star valley star&valley&photographer strobe studio Wed, 11 Aug 2021 17:18:22 GMT
the PRINCESS for 2021 LCF&R LSS_6213LSS_6213 LSS_6237LSS_6237 LSS_6267LSS_6267 LSS_6196LSS_6196 LSS_6203LSS_6203 LSS_6267-2LSS_6267-2 LSS_6254LSS_6254

[email protected] (lampshade studio) belt buckle country county fair family girls outdoor photography queen rodeo rural star valley star&valley&photographer teens Tue, 22 Jun 2021 17:31:49 GMT
snuggle session #1 in grey HOW CUTE are these kids?  This family was so fun and sweet and a joy to have in front of the lens and under the new overhead rig a month or two ago :)


LSS_5559LSS_5559 LSS_5603LSS_5603 LSS_5573-2LSS_5573-2 LSS_5632LSS_5632 LSS_5584LSS_5584 LSS_5496LSS_5496 LSS_5540LSS_5540 LSS_5599LSS_5599

LSS_5490LSS_5490 LSS_5447LSS_5447

excited for the next studio snuggle session.. i remember to add pillows (how did i forget) :) sweet dreams everybody

[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby children family outdoor overhead perspective photography portrait rig star valley star&valley&photographer studio Tue, 22 Jun 2021 17:14:21 GMT
studio sassy with future missionary oh these!  i am so pro personality and i LOVED how much came packaged in this darling future missionary!

eat your heart out gucci style!

LSS_2741LSS_2741 LSS_2686LSS_2686 LSS_2652LSS_2652 LSS_2575LSS_2575 LSS_2628LSS_2628 LSS_2680LSS_2680 LSS_2634LSS_2634 LSS_2738LSS_2738 LSS_2725LSS_2725 LSS_2589LSS_2589 LSS_2826LSS_2826 LSS_2929-2LSS_2929-2 LSS_2944LSS_2944 LSS_2938LSS_2938 LSS_2809LSS_2809 LSS_2759LSS_2759 LSS_2924LSS_2924

[email protected] (lampshade studio) Christ Church couch family floral fun girl Jesus Latter-day LDS missionary of patterns photography playful portrait saints star valley star&valley&photographer Fri, 30 Apr 2021 00:15:00 GMT
snowy suters talk about the kindest family nestled in the snow with their gorgeous graduating senior!

LSS_3028LSS_3028 LSS_3066LSS_3066 LSS_3098-EditLSS_3098-Edit LSS_3098-Edit-2LSS_3098-Edit-2 LSS_3098-Edit-3LSS_3098-Edit-3 LSS_3121LSS_3121 LSS_3138LSS_3138 LSS_3155LSS_3155 LSS_3189LSS_3189 LSS_3297LSS_3297 LSS_3304LSS_3304 LSS_3318LSS_3318 LSS_3323LSS_3323 LSS_3334LSS_3334 LSS_3372LSS_3372 LSS_3434LSS_3434

[email protected] (lampshade studio) bedford cat dog family fun hole jackson outdoor pets photography portrait senior snow star valley star&valley&photographer winter wyoming Wed, 28 Apr 2021 23:50:00 GMT
beautiful baby twins such a treat to take these gals photos 

they are surrounded by loving amazing fam LSS_1062LSS_1062 LSS_1054LSS_1054 LSS_1045LSS_1045 LSS_1073LSS_1073 LSS_1039LSS_1039 LSS_1017LSS_1017 LSS_0997LSS_0997 LSS_0992LSS_0992 LSS_1117LSS_1117 LSS_1093LSS_1093 LSS_1074LSS_1074 LSS_1068LSS_1068 LSS_1014LSS_1014 LSS_0936LSS_0936


[email protected] (lampshade studio) babies backdrop cute family fun grey ombre photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer twins Tue, 27 Apr 2021 17:08:41 GMT
ashley in the sunflowers LSS_8415LSS_8415 LSS_8127LSS_8127 LSS_8218LSS_8218 LSS_8317LSS_8317 LSS_8092LSS_8092 LSS_8149-2LSS_8149-2 LSS_8049LSS_8049 LSS_8188LSS_8188 LSS_7998LSS_7998 LSS_7991LSS_7991 LSS_8108LSS_8108 LSS_8418LSS_8418

oh how fragrant the sweetness of this girl and the amazing sunflower fields!

[email protected] (lampshade studio) falls field flowers high idaho outdoor photography portrait school senior star valley star&valley&photographer summer sunflower Wed, 14 Oct 2020 01:43:42 GMT
star valley high school graduation ceremony this was a perfect evening and a perfect way to let the class of 2020 celebrate the end of their high school adventure



sitting six feet apart on the football field, with drive in parking on the grass for families kept everyone socially distanced.  coach bolton and alex boyé made video cameos with video of the graduates receiving diplomas from a person of their choice made it all extra special.

LSS_0849-PanoLSS_0849-Pano LSS_0857-Pano-EditLSS_0857-Pano-Edit

LSS_1069LSS_1069 LSS_0943LSS_0943 LSS_1178LSS_1178 LSS_0933LSS_0933 LSS_0730LSS_0730 LSS_0918LSS_0918 LSS_0939LSS_0939 LSS_1029LSS_1029 LSS_0700LSS_0700 LSS_0723LSS_0723 LSS_1085LSS_1085 LSS_0913LSS_0913 LSS_0958LSS_0958 LSS_0937LSS_0937 LSS_1074LSS_1074 LSS_0978LSS_0978 LSS_0959LSS_0959 LSS_0869LSS_0869 LSS_0747LSS_0747 LSS_0727LSS_0727 LSS_1027LSS_1027 LSS_0714LSS_0714 LSS_1032LSS_1032 LSS_1151LSS_1151 LSS_1117LSS_1117 LSS_0872LSS_0872 LSS_0901LSS_0901
LSS_1318LSS_1318 LSS_1315LSS_1315


[email protected] (lampshade studio) and best cap commencement covid distancing gold gown graduate graduates graduation high how mountains outdoor photography portrait red school scoreboard social spring star valley star&valley&photographer sunset tassel to use video Sat, 30 May 2020 17:39:48 GMT
Class of 2020 - rolling with the punches and still looking great! may 8th 2020 - my little lampshade studio had its 20th anniversary!  in anticipation i thought about how to celebrate with this amazing supportive community when the idea came to make the celebration more about our class of 2020 instead of lampshade's 20 - it just seemed perfect.

though i meant offering free cap and gown portraits as a service to our amazing seniors, i felt my bucked filled by their love and energy , not to mention how awesome their parents were too.

here's to you kids!  if you can go through this wild time with grace, and smile for the camera, you can change the world for the better. 



LMP_9155LMP_9155 LSS_9049LSS_9049 LSS_9066LSS_9066 LSS_9073LSS_9073 LSS_9081LSS_9081 LSS_9121LSS_9121 LSS_9130LSS_9130 LSS_9154LSS_9154 LSS_9169LSS_9169 LSS_9191LSS_9191 LSS_9243LSS_9243 LSS_9258LSS_9258 LSS_9299LSS_9299 LSS_9319LSS_9319 LSS_9329LSS_9329 LSS_9356LSS_9356 LSS_9366LSS_9366 LSS_9376LSS_9376 LSS_9397LSS_9397 LSS_9438LSS_9438 LSS_9464LSS_9464 LSS_9470LSS_9470 LSS_9483LSS_9483 LSS_9486LSS_9486 LSS_9512LSS_9512 LSS_9546LSS_9546 LSS_9621LSS_9621 LSS_9634LSS_9634 LSS_9655LSS_9655 LSS_9697LSS_9697 LSS_9719LSS_9719 LSS_9727LSS_9727 LSS_9741LSS_9741 LSS_9780LSS_9780 LSS_9800LSS_9800 LSS_9825LSS_9825

LSS_9404LSS_9404 LSS_9679LSS_9679 LSS_9856LSS_9856 LSS_9888LSS_9888


[email protected] (lampshade studio) and cap celebrate corona covid-19 creek distance family gown graduation high instead mountains of outdoor parents photography photos portrait rock school senior seniors socially star star valley star&valley&photographer swift valley Sun, 10 May 2020 04:13:16 GMT
winter and barn with dog some quick family shots at a local barn

even the dog had a great smile

#gonnablognow #fabulousfamily

LSS_8890LSS_8890 LSS_8959LSS_8959
LSS_8905LSS_8905 LSS_8952LSS_8952 LSS_8917LSS_8917 LSS_8937LSS_8937 LSS_8929LSS_8929 LSS_8966LSS_8966 LSS_8896LSS_8896 LSS_8970LSS_8970 LSS_8893LSS_8893 LSS_8947LSS_8947 LSS_8890-2LSS_8890-2


[email protected] (lampshade studio) barn best blue colors corgi country dog Etna fabulous family for fun green grey kids outdoor pet photo photography pictures portrait rural siblings snow star valley star&valley&photographer to wear what winter Sun, 01 Mar 2020 00:34:09 GMT
mastering manual photography class i'm offering a Manual Photography class again SEPTEMBER 27-28th in the FABULOUS Mallory Winters Gallery.

if you are interested, check out the classes page at


If you have attended a previous class, you are always welcome to attend again at no charge!

manual photo infographic3manual photo infographic3

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton class day family how learn night outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer teach to workshop Sat, 17 Aug 2019 15:28:24 GMT
mastering manual photography class i'm offering a Manual Photography class this summer in the FABULOUS Mallory Winters Gallery.

if you are interested, check out the classes page at

manual photo infographic3manual photo infographic3

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton class day family how learn night outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer teach to workshop Sat, 01 Jun 2019 16:18:35 GMT
aspen and kadin are married love love love... this truly beautiful wedding involved a small bit of beach so the bride could be barefoot, cotton and green and navy, and lot of love from everyone involved.

LMP_5327LMP_5327 LMP_5019LMP_5019 LMP_5310LMP_5310 LMP_5334LMP_5334 LMP_5066LMP_5066 LMP_5032LMP_5032 LMP_5279LMP_5279 LMP_5636LMP_5636 LMP_5639LMP_5639 LMP_5775LMP_5775 LMP_5778LMP_5778 LMP_5425LMP_5425 LMP_5694LMP_5694 LMP_5089LMP_5089 LMP_5815LMP_5815 LMP_5922LMP_5922 LMP_5983LMP_5983 LMP_5911LMP_5911 LMP_5869LMP_5869 LMP_6056LMP_6056 LMP_5391LMP_5391 LMP_4964LMP_4964 LMP_6079LMP_6079 LMP_6108LMP_6108 LMP_6001LMP_6001 LMP_5550LMP_5550 LMP_5112LMP_5112 LMP_4947LMP_4947 LMP_4934LMP_4934 LMP_5094LMP_5094 LMP_5301LMP_5301 LMP_5476LMP_5476 LMP_5040LMP_5040 LMP_5014LMP_5014 LMP_5657LMP_5657 LMP_4963LMP_4963 LMP_5445LMP_5445 LMP_5991LMP_5991 LMP_5063LMP_5063 LMP_5240LMP_5240 LMP_5271LMP_5271 LMP_5287LMP_5287 LMP_5118LMP_5118 LMP_5056LMP_5056 LMP_5318LMP_5318 LMP_5255LMP_5255 LMP_5364LMP_5364 LMP_5324LMP_5324 LMP_5547LMP_5547 LMP_5944LMP_5944 LMP_5397LMP_5397 LMP_5556LMP_5556 LMP_5482LMP_5482 LMP_5881LMP_5881 LMP_6019LMP_6019 LMP_6119LMP_6119 LMP_6141LMP_6141 LMP_6135LMP_6135 LMP_6137-2LMP_6137-2 LMP_5419LMP_5419 LMP_5492LMP_5492

[email protected] (lampshade studio) april barefoot beach beautiful bride cake ceremony cookies family flower girl green groom lace laugh military navy outdoor photography portrait reception sand snow star valley star&valley&photographer thayne wedding Fri, 03 May 2019 23:35:42 GMT
newborn sweetie and the family LSS_6320-2LSS_6320-2 LSS_6061LSS_6061 LSS_6128LSS_6128 LSS_6061-2LSS_6061-2 LSS_6281LSS_6281 LSS_6141LSS_6141 LSS_6188LSS_6188 LSS_6296LSS_6296 LSS_6143LSS_6143 LSS_6118LSS_6118 LSS_6184LSS_6184 LSS_6092LSS_6092 LSS_6208LSS_6208 LSS_6397LSS_6397 LSS_6376LSS_6376 LSS_6408LSS_6408 LSS_6070LSS_6070 LSS_6359LSS_6359 LSS_6156LSS_6156 LSS_6357LSS_6357 LSS_6191LSS_6191 LSS_6131LSS_6131 LSS_6077LSS_6077 LSS_6148LSS_6148 LSS_6417LSS_6417 LSS_6258LSS_6258 LSS_6247LSS_6247 LSS_6186LSS_6186 LSS_6326LSS_6326

[email protected] (lampshade studio) basket blankets cute dad darling family mom newborn photography portrait sibling sisters sleepy star valley star&valley&photographer studio wyoming Sat, 20 Apr 2019 16:53:53 GMT
the McP family love this on trend color palate and BEAUTIFUL family!!

LSS_9952LSS_9952 LSS_9681LSS_9681 LSS_9653LSS_9653 LSS_9903LSS_9903 LSS_9819LSS_9819 LSS_0021LSS_0021 LSS_9700LSS_9700 LSS_9829LSS_9829 LSS_9988LSS_9988 LSS_9922LSS_9922 LSS_9971LSS_9971 LSS_9960LSS_9960 LSS_9909LSS_9909 LSS_9754LSS_9754 LSS_9746LSS_9746 LSS_9674LSS_9674 LSS_9706LSS_9706 LSS_0012LSS_0012 LSS_9653-2LSS_9653-2 LSS_9755LSS_9755 LSS_9677LSS_9677 LSS_9759LSS_9759 LSS_9795LSS_9795 LSS_0036LSS_0036 LSS_0044LSS_0044


[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby children couple cute family hairbands kids newborn photography portrait siblings star valley star&valley&photographer studio winter wyoming Mon, 15 Apr 2019 18:57:49 GMT
austin and the stuckis LSS_9598LSS_9598 LSS_9883LSS_9883 LSS_9632LSS_9632 LSS_9799LSS_9799 LSS_9753LSS_9753 LSS_9873LSS_9873 LSS_9897LSS_9897 LSS_9604LSS_9604 LSS_9845LSS_9845 LSS_9580LSS_9580 LSS_9646LSS_9646 LSS_9787LSS_9787 LSS_9980LSS_9980 LSS_9593LSS_9593 LSS_9805LSS_9805 LSS_9752LSS_9752 LSS_9677LSS_9677 LSS_9675LSS_9675 LSS_9694LSS_9694 LSS_9773LSS_9773 LSS_9607LSS_9607 LSS_9610LSS_9610

[email protected] (lampshade studio) alpine dog fall family mountain outdoor photography portrait senior star valley star&valley&photographer Wed, 27 Mar 2019 13:00:00 GMT
late fall in afton LSS_9334LSS_9334 LSS_9437LSS_9437 LSS_9432LSS_9432 LSS_9289LSS_9289 LSS_9558LSS_9558 LSS_9231LSS_9231 LSS_9238LSS_9238 LSS_9280LSS_9280 LSS_9527LSS_9527 LSS_9451LSS_9451 LSS_9414LSS_9414 LSS_9379LSS_9379 LSS_9497LSS_9497 LSS_9442LSS_9442 LSS_9528LSS_9528 LSS_9290LSS_9290 LSS_9394LSS_9394 LSS_9476LSS_9476 LSS_9314LSS_9314

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton autumn baby colors fall family kids orange outdoor outside park photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer Tue, 26 Mar 2019 17:21:48 GMT
S&D &J this wedding was not only beautiful, with the sweetest couple, but boasted some of the best dancing around!

LMP_4452LMP_4452 LMP_3278LMP_3278 LSS_8550LSS_8550 LMP_4045LMP_4045 LMP_3863LMP_3863 LMP_3828LMP_3828 LMP_3824-2LMP_3824-2 LMP_3887LMP_3887 LMP_3740LMP_3740 LMP_3680LMP_3680 LMP_3581LMP_3581 LMP_3664LMP_3664 LMP_3331LMP_3331 LSS_8559LSS_8559 LMP_3125LMP_3125 LMP_3185LMP_3185 LMP_4037LMP_4037 LMP_4230LMP_4230 LMP_4602LMP_4602 LSS_8513LSS_8513 LMP_3159LMP_3159 LMP_3804LMP_3804 LMP_3824LMP_3824 LMP_3869LMP_3869 LMP_4121LMP_4121 LMP_4140LMP_4140 LMP_4100LMP_4100 LMP_4016LMP_4016 LMP_3524LMP_3524 LMP_3493-2LMP_3493-2 LSS_8618LSS_8618
LMP_3415LMP_3415 LMP_4132LMP_4132 LMP_4288LMP_4288 LMP_4227LMP_4227

[email protected] (lampshade studio) Afton bouquet bride bridesmaids cake center ceremony civic country dance dancing fall family fireworks flower girl groom groomsmen marriage outdoor photography portrait smash sparklers star valley star&valley&photographer sunflower wedding Sat, 02 Mar 2019 18:00:00 GMT
mighty merritts these guys have the kind of smile that makes you say, 'you're forgiven" in a nacho libre voice

LSS_5034LSS_5034when siblings get along... the world is in harmony #lampshadestudio #familyphotos #siblings LSS_4983LSS_4983 LSS_5032LSS_5032 LSS_4896LSS_4896 LSS_5009LSS_5009 LSS_5249LSS_5249 LSS_5265LSS_5265 LSS_5234LSS_5234 LSS_4916LSS_4916 LSS_5241LSS_5241 LSS_5201-2LSS_5201-2 LSS_5214LSS_5214 LSS_5170LSS_5170 LSS_5073LSS_5073 LSS_5071-2LSS_5071-2 LSS_4963LSS_4963 LSS_5104LSS_5104 LSS_5149LSS_5149 LSS_5085LSS_5085 LSS_5184LSS_5184 LSS_5125LSS_5125 LSS_5229LSS_5229 LSS_5137LSS_5137

[email protected] (lampshade studio) berries cedar couple creek fall family grandparents hiking love outdoor outdoors photography portrait rugged siblings star valley star&valley&photographer Fri, 01 Mar 2019 16:45:00 GMT
birthdays and basketball this guy had a birthday.  he loves the color blue, basketball, and his momma

LSS_5927-2LSS_5927-2 LSS_5785LSS_5785 LSS_5851LSS_5851 LSS_5734LSS_5734 LSS_5809LSS_5809 LSS_5801LSS_5801 LSS_5822LSS_5822 LSS_5835LSS_5835 LSS_5775LSS_5775 LSS_5853LSS_5853 LSS_5822-2LSS_5822-2 LSS_5816LSS_5816

[email protected] (lampshade studio) backdrop balloons basketball birthday boy family outlet photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer studio white Thu, 28 Feb 2019 17:38:46 GMT
the livingston's much love to this family, and the drive they took to let me take their photos!

LSS_0668-3LSS_0668-3 LSS_0637LSS_0637 LSS_0588LSS_0588 LSS_0552LSS_0552 LSS_0595LSS_0595 LSS_0483LSS_0483 LSS_0375LSS_0375 LSS_0472-2LSS_0472-2 LSS_0526LSS_0526 LSS_0565LSS_0565 LSS_0659LSS_0659 LSS_0617LSS_0617 LSS_0625LSS_0625 LSS_0358LSS_0358 LSS_0329LSS_0329 LSS_0451LSS_0451 LSS_0591LSS_0591 LSS_0415LSS_0415 LSS_0657LSS_0657 LSS_0618LSS_0618 LSS_0311-2LSS_0311-2

[email protected] (lampshade studio) alpine aspens couple fall family forest meadows outdoor photography portrait siblings star valley star&valley&photographer sun woods wyoming Wed, 27 Feb 2019 16:27:50 GMT
frosty barn time ain't no lie, after this session I couldn't drive for a little while till my fingers would move, but man, that frost is so pretty.

LSS_0064LSS_0064 LSS_0085LSS_0085 LSS_0097LSS_0097 LSS_0137LSS_0137 LSS_0121LSS_0121 LSS_0302LSS_0302 LSS_0171LSS_0171 LSS_0296LSS_0296 LSS_0188LSS_0188 LSS_0069LSS_0069 LSS_0128LSS_0128 LSS_0152LSS_0152 LSS_0211LSS_0211 LSS_0184LSS_0184 LSS_0235-2LSS_0235-2 LSS_0288LSS_0288cold buff bull #lampshadestudio #attheranch #winterwyoming #heisactuallyreallynice LSS_0300LSS_0300 LSS_0235LSS_0235 LSS_0274LSS_0274 LSS_0245LSS_0245

[email protected] (lampshade studio) alpine barn coats etna family farm frost hoar lane outdoor photography portrait ranch river scarves silo star valley star&valley&photographer winter Tue, 26 Feb 2019 03:30:00 GMT
gavin the missionary LSS_2451LSS_2451 LSS_2638LSS_2638 LSS_2453LSS_2453 LSS_2607LSS_2607 LSS_2800LSS_2800 LSS_2619LSS_2619 LSS_2386LSS_2386 LSS_2386-2LSS_2386-2 LSS_2401LSS_2401 LSS_2370LSS_2370 LSS_2386-3LSS_2386-3 LSS_2457LSS_2457 LSS_2556-2LSS_2556-2 LSS_2708LSS_2708 LSS_2467LSS_2467 LSS_2556LSS_2556 LSS_2596LSS_2596

[email protected] (lampshade studio) book family mexico missionary mormon moroni of outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer statesmen temple ties Sun, 24 Feb 2019 16:30:00 GMT
surprise mom - we are fun and love you these great kids had me take photos for their mothers christmas present  -she cried

LSS_9585LSS_9585 LSS_9406LSS_9406 LSS_9324LSS_9324 LSS_9528LSS_9528 LSS_9570LSS_9570 LSS_9593LSS_9593 LSS_9398LSS_9398 LSS_9448LSS_9448 LSS_9283LSS_9283 LSS_9321LSS_9321 LSS_9354LSS_9354 LSS_9351LSS_9351 LSS_9350LSS_9350 LSS_9558LSS_9558 LSS_9281LSS_9281 LSS_9289LSS_9289 LSS_9299LSS_9299 LSS_9200LSS_9200through the woods, as in "over the river and through the woods..." may you have a great Thanksgiving! #lampsahdestudio #throughthewoods #starvalleyphotographer LSS_9420LSS_9420 LSS_9484LSS_9484 LSS_9460LSS_9460 LSS_9595LSS_9595 LSS_9396LSS_9396 LSS_9527LSS_9527 LSS_9563LSS_9563 LSS_9531LSS_9531

[email protected] (lampshade studio) christmas cold family kids narrows outdoor photography pine portrait snow star valley star&valley&photographer teenager thayne trees Sun, 24 Feb 2019 13:15:00 GMT
hodges hop for happiness LSS_8680LSS_8680 LSS_8562LSS_8562 LSS_8562-2LSS_8562-2 LSS_8194LSS_8194 LSS_8617LSS_8617 LSS_8184-2LSS_8184-2 LSS_8184LSS_8184 LSS_8540-2LSS_8540-2 LSS_8668LSS_8668 LSS_8473LSS_8473 LSS_8687LSS_8687 LSS_8254LSS_8254 LSS_8209LSS_8209 LSS_8430LSS_8430 LSS_8457-2LSS_8457-2 LSS_8338LSS_8338 LSS_8173LSS_8173 LSS_8368LSS_8368 LSS_8540LSS_8540 LSS_8503LSS_8503 LSS_8617-2LSS_8617-2 LSS_8194-2LSS_8194-2 LSS_8190LSS_8190 LSS_8574LSS_8574 LSS_8534LSS_8534 LSS_8485LSS_8485 LSS_8492LSS_8492 LSS_8488LSS_8488 LSS_8522LSS_8522 LSS_8276LSS_8276 LSS_8316LSS_8316 LSS_8502-2LSS_8502-2 LSS_8233LSS_8233 LSS_8219LSS_8219 LSS_8515LSS_8515 LSS_8502LSS_8502 LSS_8232LSS_8232 LSS_8219-2LSS_8219-2 LSS_8231LSS_8231

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton blue bridge covered etna fall family hills mountains outdoor photography portrait purple star valley star&valley&photographer sunset teenagers Sun, 24 Feb 2019 03:15:00 GMT
golden fall wedding at the SV temple LSS_7800LSS_7800 LSS_7811LSS_7811 LSS_7766-2LSS_7766-2 LSS_7777LSS_7777 LSS_7784LSS_7784 LSS_7720-4LSS_7720-4 LSS_7632-2LSS_7632-2 LSS_7525LSS_7525 LSS_7366LSS_7366 LSS_7369LSS_7369 LSS_7447LSS_7447 LSS_7652LSS_7652 LSS_7621LSS_7621 LSS_7686LSS_7686 LSS_7685LSS_7685 LSS_7558-2LSS_7558-2 LSS_7502-2LSS_7502-2 LSS_7720-3LSS_7720-3 LSS_7749LSS_7749 LSS_7488-2LSS_7488-2 LSS_7688-2LSS_7688-2 LSS_7705LSS_7705 LSS_7664LSS_7664 LSS_7647LSS_7647 LSS_7588-3LSS_7588-3 LSS_7567-2LSS_7567-2 LSS_7500LSS_7500 LSS_7756-2LSS_7756-2 LSS_7791LSS_7791

[email protected] (lampshade studio) bride ceremony country cream fall family golden green groom midday mountains orange outdoor photography portrait purple red-head rural sage star valley star&valley&photographer temple wedding white Sat, 23 Feb 2019 15:56:09 GMT
phoenix in the phrost LSS_0056LSS_0056

LSS_0517LSS_0517 LSS_0538LSS_0538 LSS_0442LSS_0442 LSS_0541LSS_0541 LSS_0546LSS_0546 LSS_0536LSS_0536 LSS_0489LSS_0489 LSS_0486LSS_0486 LSS_0561LSS_0561 LSS_0447LSS_0447 LSS_0416LSS_0416 LSS_0559LSS_0559 LSS_0470LSS_0470 LSS_0555-2LSS_0555-2 LSS_0574LSS_0574 LSS_0569LSS_0569

[email protected] (lampshade studio) alpine boy frost hoar&frost mountains outdoor photography portrait river salt senior snow star valley star&valley&photographer white winter Wed, 23 Jan 2019 13:45:00 GMT
perfect paige @ palisades LSS_6699LSS_6699 LSS_6668LSS_6668 LSS_6670LSS_6670 LSS_6820LSS_6820 LSS_6663LSS_6663 LSS_6740LSS_6740 LSS_6869LSS_6869 LSS_6717LSS_6717 LSS_6624LSS_6624 LSS_6654LSS_6654 LSS_6688LSS_6688

[email protected] (lampshade studio) alpine fall girl high highway idaho lake outdoor palisades photography portrait reservoir school senior shore star valley star&valley&photographer sunset Wed, 23 Jan 2019 04:45:00 GMT
Bailey & pahl LMP_2989LMP_2989 LSS_5080LSS_5080 LSS_4741LSS_4741 LSS_4276LSS_4276 LSS_4203LSS_4203 LSS_5076LSS_5076 LSS_4032LSS_4032 LSS_4220LSS_4220 LSS_4309LSS_4309 LSS_4978LSS_4978 LSS_4711LSS_4711 LSS_5034LSS_5034 LMP_2958LMP_2958 LSS_4872LSS_4872 LSS_4619LSS_4619 LSS_4277LSS_4277 LSS_4310LSS_4310 LSS_4251LSS_4251 LSS_4324LSS_4324 LSS_4325LSS_4325 LSS_4344LSS_4344 LSS_4073LSS_4073 LSS_4167LSS_4167 LSS_4150LSS_4150 LSS_4002LSS_4002 LSS_4127LSS_4127 LSS_4682-2LSS_4682-2 LSS_4971LSS_4971 LSS_4969LSS_4969 LSS_4722LSS_4722 LSS_4062LSS_4062 LMP_2798LMP_2798 LSS_4062-2LSS_4062-2 LSS_4066LSS_4066beautiful blushing bride #lampshadestudio #weddingphotographer #starvalleytemple #bride #blackandwhitephotooftheday #smilesfordays LSS_4307LSS_4307 LSS_4524LSS_4524 LSS_4426LSS_4426 LMP_2957LMP_2957 LSS_4369LSS_4369 LMP_2963LMP_2963 LSS_5024LSS_5024 LSS_5005LSS_5005 LMP_2980LMP_2980 LSS_4891LSS_4891

[email protected] (lampshade studio) bouquet bride bridesmaids cake ceremony country family first groom groomsmen look mountains outdoor photographer photography pink portrait ring schwab&reception&center spring star valley star&valley&photographer sv temple wedding Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:32:29 GMT
ranchin' riley LSS_3869LSS_3869 LSS_3970LSS_3970 LSS_3864LSS_3864 LSS_4170LSS_4170 LSS_3910LSS_3910 LSS_3888LSS_3888 LSS_3871LSS_3871 LSS_3794LSS_3794 LSS_3753LSS_3753
LSS_4050-2LSS_4050-2 LSS_4121LSS_4121 LSS_4167LSS_4167 LSS_3942LSS_3942 LSS_3825LSS_3825 LSS_3998LSS_3998
LSS_4079LSS_4079 LSS_3748LSS_3748 LSS_3865-2LSS_3865-2in a field, with a fence... #seniorphotos #lampshadestudio #summer #meadow #starvalley #brownandwhite LSS_3946LSS_3946 LSS_3967LSS_3967 LSS_4111LSS_4111 LSS_4038LSS_4038 LSS_3865LSS_3865 LSS_3738LSS_3738 LSS_3930LSS_3930 LSS_4098LSS_4098 LSS_3831LSS_3831 LSS_4085-2LSS_4085-2 LSS_3918LSS_3918 LSS_4118-2LSS_4118-2

[email protected] (lampshade studio) barbed barn country cowgirl farm hat hay horses outdoor photography portrait rural senior shed star valley star&valley&photographer sunset trailer wire wyoming Thu, 10 Jan 2019 04:00:00 GMT
the beautiful haylen LSS_8799LSS_8799 LSS_8848LSS_8848 LSS_8865LSS_8865 LSS_8949-2LSS_8949-2 LSS_8950LSS_8950 LSS_8949LSS_8949 LSS_9025LSS_9025 LSS_9066-2LSS_9066-2 LSS_8865-2LSS_8865-2 LSS_8771-2LSS_8771-2 LSS_8930LSS_8930 LSS_8798LSS_8798 LSS_8881LSS_8881 LSS_8803LSS_8803 LSS_8962LSS_8962 LSS_8992LSS_8992 LSS_8967LSS_8967 LSS_9082LSS_9082 LSS_9035LSS_9035 LSS_9035-2LSS_9035-2 LSS_9051-2LSS_9051-2 LSS_8996LSS_8996 LSS_8975LSS_8975 LSS_9012LSS_9012 LSS_9032LSS_9032 LSS_9025-2LSS_9025-2 LSS_8771LSS_8771 LSS_8822LSS_8822 LSS_9062LSS_9062

[email protected] (lampshade studio) barn blonde fall field filters grain heels hills hole jackson mountain outdoor photography portrait senior star valley star&valley&photographer trees trunk valley wyoming Wed, 09 Jan 2019 20:02:56 GMT
r&r in peachy pink winter LSS_9859LSS_9859


LSS_0303LSS_0303 LSS_9905LSS_9905 LSS_0120LSS_0120 LSS_9913LSS_9913 LSS_9855LSS_9855 LSS_9977LSS_9977 LSS_9853LSS_9853 LSS_9829LSS_9829 LSS_0296LSS_0296 LSS_0065LSS_0065

LSS_9920LSS_9920 LSS_0140LSS_0140 LSS_9965LSS_9965 LSS_0038LSS_0038 LSS_0301LSS_0301 LSS_9844LSS_9844 LSS_9883LSS_9883 LSS_9950LSS_9950 LSS_0281LSS_0281


[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton bouquet bride ceremony cream east family flowers groom hills peach photography portrait reception snow star valley star&valley&photographer tabernacle wedding winter Mon, 31 Dec 2018 13:00:00 GMT
k&a's star valley wedding - with first look, ceremony, and reception LSS_8396LSS_8396 LSS_8234LSS_8234 LSS_8452LSS_8452 LSS_9436LSS_9436 LSS_8369LSS_8369 LSS_9316LSS_9316 LMP_3085LMP_3085 LSS_0204LSS_0204 LSS_8428LSS_8428 LSS_8127LSS_8127 LSS_8103LSS_8103 LSS_8279LSS_8279 LSS_8386LSS_8386 LSS_9266LSS_9266 LSS_9408LSS_9408 LSS_8566LSS_8566 LSS_9409LSS_9409 LSS_8410LSS_8410 LSS_8226LSS_8226 LSS_8276LSS_8276 LSS_8139LSS_8139 LSS_9859LSS_9859 LSS_9843LSS_9843 LSS_9809LSS_9809 LSS_9818LSS_9818 LSS_9731LSS_9731 LSS_9311LSS_9311 LSS_8444LSS_8444 LSS_9812LSS_9812 LSS_0053LSS_0053 LSS_9472LSS_9472 LSS_0031LSS_0031 LSS_0060LSS_0060 LSS_9793LSS_9793 LSS_9415LSS_9415 LSS_0130LSS_0130 LSS_9371LSS_9371 LSS_9779LSS_9779 LSS_9312LSS_9312 LSS_9803LSS_9803hooray for WYOMING statehood day! In 1890 wyoming became the 44th state. #gowyo #wyHOMEing LSS_9277LSS_9277 LSS_9554LSS_9554 LSS_9555LSS_9555and hooray for cake, summer, love, and weddings #lampshadestudio #weddingphotographer #starvalley #wyoming #sunsetkiss LSS_9278LSS_9278 LSS_8449LSS_8449 LSS_8525LSS_8525 LSS_9280LSS_9280 LSS_9544LSS_9544 LSS_9460LSS_9460#sundayvibes #lampshadestudio LSS_8333LSS_8333 LSS_9389LSS_9389 LSS_8412LSS_8412 LSS_8559LSS_8559 LSS_8552LSS_8552


[email protected] (lampshade studio) backyard bride cake christ church country destination family first flower flowers girls groom guest jesus latter-day LDS look love of oreo outdoor parents photography portrait reception rural saints star valley star&valley&photographer temple wedding yellow Mon, 31 Dec 2018 01:45:00 GMT
merritts meet the snow LSS_9612LSS_9612 LSS_9652LSS_9652 LSS_9655LSS_9655 LSS_9632LSS_9632 LSS_9592LSS_9592 LSS_9594LSS_9594 LSS_9740LSS_9740 LSS_9655-2LSS_9655-2 LSS_9765LSS_9765 LSS_9796LSS_9796 LSS_9743LSS_9743 LSS_9856LSS_9856 LSS_9857LSS_9857 LSS_9777LSS_9777 LSS_9661LSS_9661 LSS_9866LSS_9866 LSS_9859LSS_9859 LSS_9761LSS_9761 LSS_9730LSS_9730 LSS_9652-2LSS_9652-2

[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby cold couple family hole icy jackson kids mountain outdoor photography pines portrait snow star valley star&valley&photographer thayne wyoming Sun, 30 Dec 2018 13:15:00 GMT
miah the queen LSS_9203-3LSS_9203-3 LSS_9191LSS_9191 LSS_9198LSS_9198 LSS_9081LSS_9081 LSS_9175LSS_9175 LSS_9090LSS_9090 LSS_9060LSS_9060 LSS_8714LSS_8714 LSS_8942LSS_8942 LSS_8904LSS_8904 LSS_9101LSS_9101 LSS_8965LSS_8965 LSS_9121LSS_9121 LSS_8985LSS_8985 LSS_9168LSS_9168 LSS_8827LSS_8827 LSS_8773-2LSS_8773-2 LSS_8773LSS_8773 LSS_8795LSS_8795 LSS_9068LSS_9068 LSS_8869LSS_8869 LSS_9237LSS_9237 LSS_8628LSS_8628 LSS_8612LSS_8612 LSS_8713LSS_8713 LSS_9243LSS_9243

[email protected] (lampshade studio) chaps country cowgirl crown grey's hole horse jackson mountains night outdoor photography portrait preston queen river rodeo senior star valley star&valley&photographer wildflowers Sun, 30 Dec 2018 03:09:05 GMT
cold late fall family the wind was soooo chill, but we got some fast and furious photos of this beautiful family... whew

LSS_5668LSS_5668 LSS_5644LSS_5644 LSS_5618LSS_5618 LSS_5643-2LSS_5643-2 LSS_5643LSS_5643

LSS_5683LSS_5683 LSS_5679LSS_5679 LSS_5592LSS_5592


[email protected] (lampshade studio) aspen desination family field group hay hole jackson kids location outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer Sun, 30 Dec 2018 01:03:11 GMT
jackson in and out of uniform in the fall his resume is long and his character strong... what a great guy

LSS_9114LSS_9114 LSS_8757LSS_8757 LSS_8967LSS_8967 LSS_9120LSS_9120 LSS_9011LSS_9011 LSS_8805LSS_8805 LSS_9151LSS_9151
LSS_8914LSS_8914 LSS_9013LSS_9013 LSS_9159LSS_9159 LSS_9066LSS_9066 LSS_8912LSS_8912 LSS_9063LSS_9063 LSS_8829LSS_8829 LSS_8867LSS_8867 LSS_9053LSS_9053 LSS_8873LSS_8873 LSS_9170LSS_9170 LSS_8881LSS_8881

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afternoon brave canyon cedar creek guard high hole jackson military national outdoor photography portrait private ranch school soldier star valley star&valley&photographer uniform Thu, 27 Dec 2018 19:30:22 GMT
r&c winter wedding LSS_7992LSS_7992 LSS_8023LSS_8023 LSS_8053LSS_8053 LSS_7940LSS_7940 LSS_8313LSS_8313 LSS_7958LSS_7958 LSS_8569LSS_8569 LSS_8583LSS_8583 LSS_8616LSS_8616 LSS_8688LSS_8688 LSS_8766LSS_8766 LSS_8176LSS_8176 LSS_8230LSS_8230 LSS_8193LSS_8193 LSS_8818LSS_8818 LSS_8196LSS_8196 LSS_8166LSS_8166 LSS_8206LSS_8206 LSS_8499LSS_8499 LSS_8261LSS_8261 LSS_8003LSS_8003 LSS_8690LSS_8690 LSS_8714LSS_8714 LSS_8564LSS_8564 LSS_8504LSS_8504 LSS_7948LSS_7948 LSS_8718-EditLSS_8718-Editsnow and love #sigh #lampshadestudio #weddingphotographer #starvalley #winterbride #winterwedding #aspens @wyoming LSS_8670LSS_8670 LSS_8749-EditLSS_8749-Edit LSS_8451LSS_8451 LSS_8728-EditLSS_8728-Edit LSS_8832LSS_8832 LSS_8737-EditLSS_8737-Edit LSS_8230LSS_8230

[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby country couple creative destination extended family fields furniture gold grain grandkids hay kids outdoor photography portrait props star valley star&valley&photographer wyoming Thu, 20 Dec 2018 17:39:36 GMT
a family in the wilderness LSS_8343LSS_8343 LSS_8140LSS_8140 LSS_8198LSS_8198 LSS_8367LSS_8367 LSS_8211LSS_8211 LSS_8173LSS_8173 LSS_8158LSS_8158 LSS_8258LSS_8258 LSS_8355LSS_8355 LSS_8227LSS_8227 LSS_8335LSS_8335 LSS_8454LSS_8454

[email protected] (lampshade studio) change children color fall family hole jackson kids outdoor photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer sunset wyoming Thu, 20 Dec 2018 13:00:00 GMT
one happy baby on pole line road LSS_9192LSS_9192 LSS_9179LSS_9179 LSS_9227LSS_9227 LSS_9164LSS_9164 LSS_9159LSS_9159 LSS_9258LSS_9258 LSS_9307LSS_9307 LSS_9305LSS_9305 LSS_9300LSS_9300 LSS_9117LSS_9117 LSS_9171LSS_9171 LSS_9286LSS_9286 LSS_9236LSS_9236 LSS_9286-2LSS_9286-2 LSS_9117-2LSS_9117-2 LSS_9133LSS_9133 LSS_9311LSS_9311 LSS_9351LSS_9351

[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby children country couple family funny hole jackson landscape newborn outdoor photography portrait ranch road rural star valley star&valley&photographer wyoming Thu, 20 Dec 2018 03:50:03 GMT
remember those beautiful fall evenings? *no babies were harmed in the making of these photos

LSS_1113LSS_1113 LSS_1328LSS_1328 LSS_1317LSS_1317 LSS_1384LSS_1384 LSS_1423LSS_1423 LSS_1061LSS_1061 LSS_1223LSS_1223 LSS_1105LSS_1105 LSS_1170LSS_1170 LSS_1297LSS_1297 LSS_1303LSS_1303 LSS_0972-2LSS_0972-2 LSS_1099LSS_1099 LSS_1250LSS_1250 LSS_1446LSS_1446

LSS_1456LSS_1456 LSS_1150LSS_1150 LSS_1138LSS_1138

[email protected] (lampshade studio) baby colors couple fall family hole jackson outdoor photography portrait ranch siblings star valley star&valley&photographer wyoming Thu, 20 Dec 2018 03:45:17 GMT
sunset family LSS_7937LSS_7937 LSS_7993-2LSS_7993-2 LSS_7922LSS_7922 LSS_7845LSS_7845 LSS_7923LSS_7923 LSS_8005LSS_8005 LSS_8046LSS_8046 LSS_8055LSS_8055 LSS_8156LSS_8156 LSS_8147LSS_8147 LSS_7861LSS_7861 LSS_8086LSS_8086 LSS_8089LSS_8089 LSS_7950LSS_7950 LSS_8050LSS_8050 LSS_8104LSS_8104 LSS_7951LSS_7951 LSS_7924LSS_7924 LSS_8119LSS_8119 LSS_7960LSS_7960 LSS_8077LSS_8077 LSS_7993LSS_7993 LSS_7902LSS_7902cheeeeeeeeese! #motherdaughter #lampshadestudio #familyphotos #starvalley LSS_7821LSS_7821 LSS_8014LSS_8014

[email protected] (lampshade studio) couple dog evening family field hay kids outdoor pet photography portrait star valley star&valley&photographer summer Tue, 11 Sep 2018 01:30:00 GMT
studio school pix fun family school pix, done right in studio - such cute kids

LSS_8304-2LSS_8304-2 LSS_8192LSS_8192 LSS_8209LSS_8209 LSS_8223LSS_8223 LSS_8261LSS_8261 LSS_8377LSS_8377 LSS_8376LSS_8376 LSS_8193LSS_8193 LSS_8222LSS_8222 LSS_8276LSS_8276 LSS_8278LSS_8278 LSS_8280LSS_8280 LSS_8315LSS_8315 LSS_8384LSS_8384 LSS_8247LSS_8247 LSS_8203LSS_8203 LSS_8232LSS_8232 LSS_8345LSS_8345

LSS_8199LSS_8199school picture CHEESE and suspenders. what a handsome kid. #lampshadestudio #schoolpix #studio #whitebackdrop LSS_8357LSS_8357 LSS_8213LSS_8213 LSS_8171LSS_8171 LSS_8288LSS_8288

[email protected] (lampshade studio) background family headshots kids photography portrait school siblings star valley star&valley&photographer students studio suspenders unicorn white Mon, 10 Sep 2018 18:28:38 GMT
faith & brandon all the best to this beautiful kind couple.  you are amazing!

(this is the first bride i have ever seen run over by children)


LSS_4184LSS_4184 LSS_4270LSS_4270 LSS_4229LSS_4229 LSS_4321LSS_4321 LSS_4893LSS_4893 LSS_4652LSS_4652 LSS_4637LSS_4637 LSS_4639LSS_4639 LSS_4402LSS_4402 LSS_5003LSS_5003 LSS_4267LSS_4267 LSS_4289LSS_4289 LSS_4272LSS_4272 LSS_4224LSS_4224 LSS_4992LSS_4992 LSS_4997LSS_4997 LSS_4891LSS_4891 LSS_4725LSS_4725 LSS_4489LSS_4489 LSS_4407LSS_4407 LSS_4234LSS_4234 LSS_4244LSS_4244 LSS_4662LSS_4662 LSS_4914LSS_4914 LSS_4871LSS_4871 LSS_4867LSS_4867 LSS_4921LSS_4921 LSS_4445LSS_4445 LSS_4298LSS_4298 LSS_4465LSS_4465

[email protected] (lampshade studio) bountiful bride cake ceremony decorations family groom LDS luncheon photography reception star valley star&valley&photographer suit summer temple utah veil wedding Sat, 08 Sep 2018 18:21:43 GMT
baby cake smash LSS_1153LSS_1153 LSS_1163LSS_1163 LSS_1217LSS_1217 LSS_1228LSS_1228 LSS_1165LSS_1165 LSS_1190LSS_1190 LSS_1229LSS_1229 LSS_1168-2LSS_1168-2 LSS_1277LSS_1277 LSS_1172LSS_1172 LSS_1181LSS_1181 LSS_1125LSS_1125 LSS_1088LSS_1088 LSS_1289LSS_1289 LSS_1197LSS_1197 LSS_1191LSS_1191

[email protected] (lampshade studio) 1 baby balloons birthday cake cute darling etna family frosting gold one photography pink portrait princess smash star valley star&valley&photographer studio wyoming Tue, 31 Jul 2018 15:40:51 GMT
aspen hills golf course get away this group came from all over to gather at Star Valley Ranch.  I was lucky enough to take their photos on the golf course behind the beautiful rental house (message me if you need more info on that).  They were so kind and sweet and fun.  I have never had anyone include a mask for the menfolk for photos :)!

LMP_2153LMP_2153 LMP_2161LMP_2161 LMP_1733LMP_1733 LMP_1775LMP_1775 LMP_2078LMP_2078 LMP_2058LMP_2058 LMP_2033LMP_2033 LMP_1682-2LMP_1682-2 LMP_1818LMP_1818 LMP_1699LMP_1699 LMP_1994LMP_1994 LMP_1719LMP_1719 LMP_1676LMP_1676 LMP_1786LMP_1786 LMP_1682LMP_1682

LMP_1740LMP_1740 LMP_1985LMP_1985 LMP_1884LMP_1884 LMP_1967LMP_1967 LMP_1976LMP_1976 LMP_1857LMP_1857 LMP_1813LMP_1813


[email protected] (lampshade studio) aspens blue course extended family getaway golf grandkids grandparents jeans outdoor photography pink portrait reunion star valley star&valley&photographer Mon, 03 Jul 2017 11:30:00 GMT
m&m maddi and energy are synonymous.  her wedding was the same.  it was a beautiful WARM november day with spark and love (and pinterest dreams of decor).  all the best to you too!!

LMP_4025LMP_4025 LSS_8741LSS_8741 LSS_8727LSS_8727 LSS_8904LSS_8904 LSS_8699LSS_8699 LMP_4212LMP_4212 LMP_4052LMP_4052 LSS_8821LSS_8821 LSS_9045LSS_9045 LMP_4102LMP_4102 LSS_8146LSS_8146 LSS_8539LSS_8539 LSS_8400LSS_8400 LSS_8251LSS_8251 LSS_8194LSS_8194 LSS_7962LSS_7962 LSS_8653LSS_8653 LSS_8650LSS_8650 LSS_8202LSS_8202 LMP_3872LMP_3872 LMP_3926LMP_3926 LMP_3941LMP_3941 LSS_8858LSS_8858 LMP_3909LMP_3909 LSS_8717LSS_8717 LMP_3825LMP_3825 LSS_8663LSS_8663 LSS_8232LSS_8232 LMP_4256LMP_4256 LMP_4223LMP_4223 LSS_8709LSS_8709 LMP_4103LMP_4103 LMP_3988LMP_3988 LMP_4016LMP_4016 LMP_4085LMP_4085 LSS_8660LSS_8660 LMP_4334LMP_4334 LMP_4255LMP_4255 LMP_4084LMP_4084 LMP_4348LMP_4348 LMP_4050LMP_4050

[email protected] (lampshade studio) afton bride bridesmaids cake center ceremony chandelier civic decorator family flower fun girls groom groomsmen lights love newlywed outdoor photography portrait punch reception signs sparkler star valley star&valley&photographer wedding Sun, 02 Jul 2017 05:59:00 GMT
voted best hair this handsome, kind young man was voted as best hair by his class of 2017.  go parker go, you are awesome!

LSS_0539LSS_0539 LSS_0693LSS_0693 LSS_0684LSS_0684 LSS_0630LSS_0630 LSS_0619LSS_0619 LSS_0758LSS_0758 LSS_0723LSS_0723 LSS_0750LSS_0750 LSS_0664LSS_0664 LSS_0563LSS_0563 LSS_0633LSS_0633 LSS_0478LSS_0478 LSS_0658LSS_0658 LSS_0726LSS_0726

[email protected] (lampshade studio) class football greys hair helmet lineman outdoor photography portrait ring river senior snow star valley star&valley&photographer svhs Sun, 02 Jul 2017 02:30:00 GMT
twin seniors and family one very early morning, this beautiful family met me on the snake river to get photos taken of their beautiful senior girls.  it so sweet to see their amazing connection and friendship with each other.  good luck post girls in your future adventures! LMP_0822LMP_0822 LMP_0965LMP_0965 LMP_1081LMP_1081 LMP_0909LMP_0909 LMP_1049LMP_1049 LMP_0956LMP_0956 LMP_1051LMP_1051 LMP_0897LMP_0897 LMP_1006LMP_1006 LMP_1163LMP_1163 LMP_0842LMP_0842 LMP_0844LMP_0844 LMP_0881LMP_0881 LMP_0938LMP_0938 LMP_1175LMP_1175 LMP_1009LMP_1009 LMP_1030LMP_1030 LMP_1170LMP_1170 LMP_1139LMP_1139 LMP_1136LMP_1136 LMP_0873LMP_0873 LMP_1018LMP_1018 LMP_1067LMP_1067 LMP_1084LMP_1084 LMP_1073LMP_1073 LMP_1048LMP_1048 LMP_0931LMP_0931 LMP_1153LMP_1153 LMP_1147LMP_1147 LMP_1197LMP_1197 LMP_1088LMP_1088

[email protected] (lampshade studio) autumn colors fall family fun graduate hole jackson jump leaves outdoor photography portrait river rocks senior snake star valley star&valley&photographer twins Sat, 01 Jul 2017 12:00:00 GMT
riley horse and dog what a beautiful cowgirl on a beautiful fall afternoon.  best of luck to you riley in all your adulthood adventures!

LSS_0675LSS_0675 LSS_0811LSS_0811 LSS_0721LSS_0721 LSS_0924LSS_0924 LSS_0856LSS_0856 LSS_0586LSS_0586 LSS_0689LSS_0689 LSS_0829LSS_0829 LSS_0650LSS_0650 LSS_0802LSS_0802 LSS_0671LSS_0671 LSS_0710LSS_0710 LSS_0698LSS_0698 LSS_0772LSS_0772 LSS_0668LSS_0668 LSS_0942LSS_0942 LSS_0853LSS_0853 LSS_0779LSS_0779 LSS_0779-2LSS_0779-2 LSS_0779-3LSS_0779-3

[email protected] (lampshade studio) aspen autumn buckle country cowgirl dog eyes fall family field horse leather outdoor photography portrait rural saddle senior star valley star&valley&photographer trees western Sat, 01 Jul 2017 03:00:00 GMT
red white and blue is it wrong to claim a family as a photographer?  i have grown up as a photographer with this family.  they have taken me to exotic locations like seattle and the berry farm.  they have shared weddings, seniors, grandkids, joys, sorrows, and amazing HUGS.  thank you for making me feel like an important part of your lives.  i know there are others out there who would love to be your photographer and would do an amazing job, but thank you for letting me be on the other side of the lens for you!

LMP_7374LMP_7374 LMP_7168LMP_7168 LMP_7119LMP_7119 LMP_4036LMP_4036 LMP_7145LMP_7145 LMP_7188LMP_7188 LMP_7404LMP_7404 LMP_7218LMP_7218 LMP_3998LMP_3998 LMP_7076-Edit-2LMP_7076-Edit-2 LMP_7209LMP_7209 LMP_4034LMP_4034 LMP_7385LMP_7385 LMP_7102LMP_7102 LMP_7104LMP_7104 LMP_4058LMP_4058 LMP_6995LMP_6995 LMP_4120LMP_4120 LMP_7143LMP_7143 LMP_7062LMP_7062 LMP_7025LMP_7025 LMP_7249-2LMP_7249-2 LMP_7123LMP_7123 LMP_7312LMP_7312 LMP_7092LMP_7092 LMP_7010LMP_7010 LMP_4072LMP_4072 LMP_3984LMP_3984 LMP_7019LMP_7019 LMP_7344LMP_7344

[email protected] (lampshade studio) 4 barn destination family farm fun july kids morning outdoor patriotic photography poppies poppy portrait senior siblings silo star valley star&valley&photographer thayne Fri, 30 Jun 2017 16:39:16 GMT
Fabulous phone cases now available! (and on $10 off for a limited time) i love a custom phone case, but in the past, all i tried were not the highest of quality.  BUT NOW....




All cases are made using the highest quality materials, inks, coatings, and decoration processes available, and are backed by a lifetime warranty that covers defects/product failure. These customizable cases are designed with access to ports for easy connectivity, and are created using processes that embed inks underneath coatings so they last longer, resist scratches, and don’t fade or rub off easily. A three-step quality control process ensures a consistently great product that you can show off to the world. 

Three Different Case Styles for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Devices

bakpak case 



tough case


Until Aug 30, i'll be offering these phone cases for $10 OFF!

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to order, find your favorite photo by lampshade studio on, 

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then choose your favorite for you phone style!

[email protected] (lampshade studio) amazing bakpak case cases family folio iPhone lifetime outdoor photography portrait quality samsung star valley star&valley&photographer tough warranty Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:10:50 GMT
jamie at bear lake there is a beach close by, and man, it was a perfect evening to hit it with this amazing athlete!

LMP_4126LMP_4126 LMP_3812LMP_3812 LMP_4146LMP_4146 LMP_3829LMP_3829 LMP_4059LMP_4059 LMP_4022LMP_4022 LMP_3808LMP_3808 LMP_3723LMP_3723 LMP_3923LMP_3923 LMP_4140LMP_4140 LMP_3784LMP_3784 LMP_3851LMP_3851 LMP_3897LMP_3897 LMP_4129LMP_4129 LMP_4167LMP_4167 LMP_4163LMP_4163 LMP_3819LMP_3819 LMP_4150LMP_4150 LMP_3806LMP_3806 LMP_4008LMP_4008 LMP_4050LMP_4050 LMP_3958LMP_3958 LMP_3892LMP_3892 LMP_4055LMP_4055 LMP_3761LMP_3761 LMP_4092LMP_4092

[email protected] (lampshade studio) beach bear family fedora fun idea lake outdoor photography portrait senior star valley star&valley&photographer summer sunset volleyball water Thu, 29 Jun 2017 12:00:00 GMT
hannah and power plant the real trick to great portraits is confidence in front of the lens.  this girl definitely had it!

LSS_9820LSS_9820 LSS_9749LSS_9749 LSS_9798LSS_9798 LSS_9648-2LSS_9648-2 LSS_9675LSS_9675 LSS_9780LSS_9780 LSS_9756LSS_9756 LSS_9717LSS_9717 LSS_9689LSS_9689 LSS_9802LSS_9802 LSS_9738LSS_9738 LSS_9761LSS_9761 LSS_9817LSS_9817 LSS_9836LSS_9836 LSS_9644LSS_9644 LSS_9664LSS_9664

[email protected] (lampshade studio) abandoned alpine blond building confidence crumbling destination dress forest outdoor photography plant portrait power senior star valley star&valley&photographer strawberry woods wyomin Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:00:00 GMT
in texas on a mission hannah got her mission call to texas and came up with this super cute way of announcing it

LSS_1119LSS_1119 LSS_1020LSS_1020 LSS_1021LSS_1021 LSS_1150LSS_1150 LSS_1044LSS_1044 LSS_1146LSS_1146 LSS_1012LSS_1012 LSS_1109LSS_1109 LSS_1097LSS_1097 LSS_1212LSS_1212 LSS_0993LSS_0993 LSS_1040LSS_1040 LSS_1151LSS_1151

[email protected] (lampshade studio) book destination dresses fall glasses lDS mission missionary mormon of outdoor photography pond portrait ranch sister star valley star&valley&photographer texas tree willow Wed, 28 Jun 2017 12:30:00 GMT
backyard of snow photos in your own space are a great way to capture your family, and your physical sphere of love.

LSS_0364-3LSS_0364-3 LSS_0409LSS_0409 LSS_0453LSS_0453 LSS_0258LSS_0258 LSS_0472LSS_0472 LSS_0323LSS_0323 LSS_0468LSS_0468 LSS_0278LSS_0278 LSS_0473LSS_0473 LSS_0326LSS_0326 LSS_0364-2LSS_0364-2 LSS_0273LSS_0273

[email protected] (lampshade studio) aspen family outdoor photography portrait ranch snow star star valley star&valley&photographer sweater valley yard Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:00:00 GMT
evan in the mountains this guy has the best heel clicks around.  best of luck in all your world travels!!!

LSS_7768LSS_7768 LSS_7483LSS_7483 LSS_7510LSS_7510 LSS_7562LSS_7562 LSS_7822LSS_7822 LSS_7870LSS_7870 LSS_7900LSS_7900 LSS_7631LSS_7631 LSS_7842LSS_7842 LSS_7848LSS_7848 LSS_7665LSS_7665 LSS_7468LSS_7468 LSS_7525LSS_7525 LSS_7586LSS_7586 LSS_7838LSS_7838 LSS_7508LSS_7508 LSS_7463LSS_7463 LSS_7739LSS_7739 LSS_7533LSS_7533

[email protected] (lampshade studio) band bike clarinet high jackson landing outdoor park photography portrait river rocks sagebrush school schwabacher senior snake star valley star&valley&photographer summer teton woods Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:17:28 GMT
emma wow, this girl was is so kind, funky, and  STRIKING!

LSS_4710LSS_4710 LSS_4942LSS_4942 LSS_4807-2LSS_4807-2 LSS_4807LSS_4807 LSS_4869LSS_4869 LSS_4762-2LSS_4762-2 LSS_4762LSS_4762 LSS_4784LSS_4784 LSS_4944LSS_4944 LSS_4758LSS_4758 LSS_4729LSS_4729 LSS_4884LSS_4884 LSS_4882LSS_4882 LSS_4874LSS_4874

[email protected] (lampshade studio) aspen autumn cabins country cute destination fall funky hair hay ice leaves outdoor photography portrait pumpkin river rural salt senior short star valley star&valley&photographer sunset western Fri, 23 Jun 2017 21:18:33 GMT
eagle vison the one and only optometrist in Eagle Mountain... EAGLE VISION

this chronicles the roberts visiting their aunt at her work place LSS_6725LSS_6725 LSS_6806LSS_6806

LSS_6995LSS_6995 LSS_6922LSS_6922 LSS_7000LSS_7000 LSS_6892LSS_6892 LSS_6759LSS_6759 LSS_6737LSS_6737 LSS_6979LSS_6979 LSS_6962LSS_6962 LSS_6884LSS_6884