lampshade studio | next to the rapids on the snake

next to the rapids on the snake

June 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

photo sessions like these make me realize, i've been in star valley a while.  i have watched this family grow up with my own.  

love you guys! (and i love this location of flat rocks next to the snake river)

LMP_3487LMP_3487 LMP_3632LMP_3632 LMP_3523LMP_3523 LMP_3471LMP_3471 LMP_3578LMP_3578 LMP_3515LMP_3515 LMP_3672LMP_3672 LMP_3551LMP_3551 LMP_3566LMP_3566 LMP_3540LMP_3540 LMP_3592LMP_3592 LMP_3562LMP_3562 LMP_3503LMP_3503


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