For future hunts, stay tuned to this page.  There will be no Easter Egg hunt for Spring of 2015.

Both worth $1000 Cash and more in gifts & certificates from local businesses.

The hunt is made possible by the generous contributions of these sponsors.  

If you enjoy the hunt, please express thanks to:

Country Charm        Dr. Norman at Family Dental        Dayspring Natural Health Center

Raw Power Motorsports        NAPA  Auto Parts        Premier Home Health        Beleza Salon in Jackson

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1st Bank         Lampshade Studio            Carpets Plus Colortile            E.D. Masonry and Tile


clues from the 2014 hunt:

Clues for egg #2--

Effects: increased heart rate, anxiety, tingling, feeling "buzzed"--uppers, upper valley

beyond the sacrifice of 3011--elkhorn arch in Afton has 3011 elk horns

short of Fredrick's route--State Historic Marker for the Lander cutoff trail - Fredrick Lander

Broken Arrow W.--Broken Arrow Lane, on the west side, W on barn

Eagles 1973--Bitter Creek, Bitter Creek Road

also found in CA, BC, MN, AK, CO, and ND--Cottonwood Lake

Timbaland says "the cheese stands alone--Forest Dell

Exeter, NH 1965; Hudson Valley 1981; Booysens, Pretoria 2010--UFO sightings, UFO sightings at Cottonwood Lake?  Smootians?

The course of true love never did run without an extra H--Smooth without h is Smoot

Crooks & creeks--Crooks in Smoot, Cottonwood Creek, Spring Creek, Dry Canyon Creek

Lincoln logs of 1890--first school house in a one room log cabin in 1890, Thomas Walton was the teacher

square root of 2.89--1.7 mi square is the area of Smoot

Utah Senator--Reid Smoot

straight up Alpha March 08, 76-1--Qwest pole at the corner of county road 152 has PID #A030876-1 (see photo below)

avoid disaster--disaster cleanup place on west side of highway, can be we seen on Google map of Smoot

Taking Back Sunday all album covers--county road 152 -all album covers have 152 in them somewhere

short of schistous clay--shale pit up beyond the cemetery in Smoot

The egg was hidden in the pole of a forestry boundary sign just outside the cemetery gates.

IMG_9867IMG_9867 IMG_6376IMG_6376




Alpine--Alpine Way road

#99--SVR became the #99 town in the state of Wyoming on December 3, 2005

small body of water--swimming pool

alliteration--Country Club Cafe on Cedar Creek road by the RV park

fork left--stay left when Alpine Way forks

Edgar Allen Poe's A Predicament, what Signora Psyche Zenobia sticks her head through--giant clock on the SVR town hall

RVs--RV park, also SVR backwards

wild geese fly southwest--geese decor on the side of a garage on Alpine Way

trees, holes--Aspen Hills and Cedar Creek golf courses

wet dirt cord--Muddy String

 "keep your eye on"--The Grand Old Flag

down to grillin' and chillin'--the Cedar Creek Grill is downhill from where the egg was found

FeO3--chemical name for RUST

shady grove--grove of trees by the barn/silo

tower, bunker, or bag--Silo


by Kenny Thompson, behind the wheel in this picture, next to the Silo on SV

congrats!  clues for egg #2 start monday


For future hunts, stay tuned to this page.  There will be no Easter Egg hunt for Spring of 2015.

The hunt is the entire valley wide and the eggs will be hidden on public land / areas (not private property).