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These children live in Montrouis Haiti.  I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting them this spring.  Here they are showing their aspirations and new school uniforms.

Human trafficking is unfortunately very alive and well in Haiti, in the very neighborhood where these kids live.  The most effective ways to protect underprivileged children like these are to

1) ENROLL THEM IN SCHOOL.  Parents are less likely to sell their children if the see a better future for them via education.  Lots of time poor families are told by traffickers that their children will be given education in the big cities and get jobs if they send their children with them.  The family's desperate situations make them hope that the lies are true and they are making a good choice for their kids.

2) FEED THEM.  Some families are so desperate that they are literally picking which child to feed, a heartbreaking choice.  By getting children one good meal a day, the burden of the family is lifted.  

These very kids, through our direct help, just received tuition to attend school this year.   Going to school will change their lives!  Unfortunately, they come home from school hungry.  

We can help these kids!  When I was there in the spring, they had an amazing feeding program running.  At this feeding program, not only do they get a meal (for many the only meal of the day), but daily help with their homework, english classes (a very valuable skill).  They are taught and sing Christian hymns, pray for their food, and lean and use great manners.  I have seen all of this first hand and was very impressed.  They have also started a small garden plot with the children where they are all learning to raise food to add to their daily meal.   

 However, in the middle of the summer, funding for the program ran out.  

Let's help the program run.  Lets take care of these very children.  For $600 a month, these twenty kids will get one good meal a day with juice and ice.  It will also pay the women who prepare the food.  We can make the lives of so many so much better for so little.  Can you do a monthly amount?  Maybe consider sending something to these kids instead of a $10 movie treat a month.  I know how much I have and feel great about giving monthly to help this kids.  You can choose the monthly increment, from $10 - $100.  Whatever you choose.  

Just click below and specify HAITI in the notes and check the box for monthly payment. 

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Here is a list of the children we can protect and feed.  (When others travel to this area, we can send small things to them too like school supplies, an outfit, and other needed items.)


When I see the abundance that our family has, I know I have something to give.  There is need everywhere and so many good causes, I want to help this small group of children as my cause.  If you want to help these kids too, I would LOVE to join forces with you.  I ask that what you give, you commit to give monthly.  Any increment is up to you from $10 - $100, as long as we can count on it for each month for the next year.  When we get enough donations to fund the monthly expense we can get the feeding program started up again.  (all of your donations will go through Gifts of Grace and be tax deductible with 100% going to this specific program).

I hear regularly from them and they are praying for the Lord to hear their needs and prayers.  This is a chance to help.  This is a chance to answer prayers.

All donations will go through Gifts of Grace ( GiftsofGraceWY.org) and will be tax deductable.  Thank you for your consideration.

When donating, please choose monthly and in the note, specify for Haiti.


DONATE click on the DONATE upper left hand corner on GIFTS of Grace site



Desir Innocent is the Project Manager in Haiti

LSS_3565Desir Innocent LSS_3565Desir Innocent

Joseph Rivalson is the Director of these Children in Haiti


*Next Fall we will need sponsors for each child for school tuition.  Tuition is typically $100 US a year.  Uniform and books cost varies upon school above that.  Let us know if you would like to sponsor a specific child.