June 12-15, 2013 Schedule of Events


Wednesday, June 12 - Thayne Community Center - Arts Council Rm

6:30 - 8pm Meet & Greet our Guest Clinicians Reception (Hors d’oeuvres) Live Music by local jazz trio, Alan Goodman, Bert Wolfley & Laura Huckin


Thursday, June 13 – Thayne Community Center (Various Rooms)

9am-11am - Youth Opera Rehearsal – A wonderful introduction to popular and classic operatic theater scenes, and an opportunity to perform. Parts will be cast prior to the festival start under the direction of Ms. Lane. Open to all youth age 8-18. (You must sign up in advance to participate, and must be able to attend ALL scheduled rehearsals.) It is NOT necessary to have taken private voice lessons in order to participate.

9am-11am – Advanced Beginners Piano Solo Performances (Adjudicator: Laura Zisette) Students will be assigned a 10 minute performance slot for performance time, feedback, and in situ exploration.

11 am-12 pm – CONCERT: “Stories Through Music: From Debussy to the Three Blind Mice” Go on a musical adventure with Carol Dahlberg, Professor Emeritus of Central Wyoming College. Mrs. Dahlberg received her Bachelor of Music in performance from Boise State University, studied at the Paris American Academy, France, and received a Masters in Performance from the University of Idaho.

12pm-5pm – Solo Vocal Performances (Adjudicator: Kathleen Lane) Students will be assigned a 15 minute performance slot for performance time, feedback, and in situ exploration. Vocal musicians need to bring their own accompanist or accompaniment cd, or contact us beforehand if you need one.

12pm-2pm – Elementary Piano Solo Performances (Adjudicator: Kristene Marchant) Students will be assigned a 10 minute performance slot for performance time and feedback.

12pm-1pm – Scales & Finger Technique: Walk your fingers up the keyboard with fun finger techniques and scale exercises that will help your fingers learn to fly! (For Advanced Beginner Piano students)

12pm-1pm - Scales & Chords: The FUN in fundamentals! How to make scales and chord practice fun and why scales and chords are relevant to learning piano pieces. Learn finger technique, tone and legato-cantabile melody playing. (For Intermediate/Advanced Piano students.)

1pm-2pm – Elements of Music: How to think about the elements of music, how to analyze a score, and why this helps in performance. (Intermediate & Advanced Piano students)

2pm – CONCERT: “What makes us want to run to the piano and make music?” Listen to pieces by Laura Zisette that motivated her from her first lesson through college, including Scarlatti, Grieg, Scriabin, Gottschalk, Hawes, and other fun pieces.

3pm-5pm – Advanced Beginners Piano Solo Performances (Adjudicator: Laura Zisette)

3pm-4pm - Beginning Scales & Finger Technique: Learn ways to strengthen and train beginner's fingers through scales and other technical exercises. (For Elementary Piano students)

3pm-5pm – Teacher Training Workshop: Sit down for an in-depth session with Shulamit on teaching techniques, inspiring confidence & strength in students, and have an opportunity to discuss other items of interest for piano teachers. (For teachers and advanced students)

5pm-6pm – Teacher Training: Specialized training for music teachers on adjudication and theory teaching techniques with Laura Zisette. (For teachers and advanced students)

4pm-6pm – Elementary Piano Solo Performances (Adjudicator: Kristene Marchant)

5pm-6pm – Youth Choir Workshop: Have a great time singing as a choir with Shulamit. Learn to sing in a group setting and sing fun, easy-to-learn pieces like the African “Siyahamba” introduced to the festival last year. This workshop is open as an introduction to choir for young, new singers, or beginner singers. (Ages 8-14)

5pm-7pm – Organ Basics Workshop. A hands-on opportunity for any level to learn more about the organ, and organ technique with music teacher, Grace Pike.

7-8pm – CONCERT: Kristene Marchant, outstanding musician and teacher, and former resident of Star Valley, will perform selected pieces in an evening concert along with her former teacher and our lead musician for the entire festival, Shulamit Hoffman. Bring the whole family! This will be a concert not to be missed!


FRIDAY, June 14 (Thayne Community Center – various rooms)

9am-11am - Youth Opera Rehearsal

10am-11am – Game Time! Come and join in for thrilling, educational music games with one of the “Three Crazy Women.” (Elementary and Advanced Beginner Students)

10am-11am – How to Practice: Learn tips and techniques to make your practice time more meaningful and effective. (For Intermediate/Advanced Piano Students)

11am-12pm – Advanced Game Time! Find the fun connection in theory games with one of the “Three Crazy Women!” (For Intermediate/Advanced Piano Students)

11am-12pm – How to Practice: See how much fun you can have during your practice time, and make it more meaningful and effective. (For Elementary and Advanced Beginner Students)

12pm-1pm – Introduction to Strings workshop for those just beginning to play or those who would like to learn how. Bring your instrument if you have one. All are welcome!

1pm-2pm – Advanced Strings Master Class: This string master class will give you the opportunity to focus on and improve position, tuning, tone and intonation techniques. Bring your instrument.

1pm-2pm – Composers: Learn about the different style periods, from Baroque to Modern, the composers from those periods, and the beautiful styles of music that emerged. (For Elementary and Advanced Beginner music students)

1pm-2pm – Preparing to Perform: Memorization, stage decorum, and what it takes to get from practice to performance. (For Intermediate/Advanced music students)

2pm – CONCERT: Brent “Brenthoven” Johnston. In his own words, this is “NOT a boring concert” with an entertaining mix of classical standards, improvisations and original works by this world-renowned pianist and performer dubbed “Brenthoven” during a Vietnam USO Christmas Tour.


3pm-5pm – Conducting Master Class: Learn and work with Ms. Hoffman in a hands-on atmosphere using gestures for beat patterns, articulations, tempi, etc.

3pm-4pm – Creativity at the Piano: See how easy it is to start creating your own masterpieces using fun techniques no matter what level you are at. (For All piano students)

4pm-5pm – Guitar Master Class: Whether you would like to learn guitar, improve, or learn how to start teaching guitar, this class is for you. Open to any interested musicians or aspiring musicians of any level.

5pm-7pm – Festival Choir Rehearsal (limited to ages 15 and older)

7:30pm-8pm – CONCERT. Enjoy a wonderful evening of vocal favorites with mezzo-soprano Kathleen Lane, a familiar soloist at the Idaho State Civic Symphony and Idaho Falls Symphony, and Idaho State University accompanist Carol Hotrum at the piano.


SATURDAY, June 15 (Star Valley High School)

9am-12pm – Intermediate and Advanced Piano Solo Performances (Adjudicator: Shulamit Hoffman) Students will be assigned a 10 minute performance slot for performance time, feedback, and in situ exploration.

10am-12pm – Duet Master Class: Bring your duet piece and partner to this great class! You’ll focus on strategies to improve your duet performance and see how having fun playing duets helps develop us musically. (Duets for students or teachers, and may include a duet partner not registered in the festival. This duet section of the festival is not officially judged, but outstanding selection(s) will be chosen to perform in the final concert.)

12pm-1pm – CONCERT. Jeffrey Smith and Tina Niu Smith. Four hands, two pianos and a rare opportunity to hear a

Shostakovich piano concerto with the orchestra on the second piano, as well as other selections from two exceptional musicians, who are thrilled to call Star Valley their second home.

1pm-3pm – Intermediate and Advanced Piano Solo Performances (Adjudicator: Shulamit Hoffman) 1pm-3pm – Youth Opera Final Rehearsal

1pm-2pm – Piano Evolution: Have fun learning more about music style periods and composers and how classical music developed and how this might influence your own repertoire selection. (For Intermediate and Advanced music students)

2pm-3pm – Creating Arrangements: Learn tips and techniques to create, organize, and publish your own arrangements. (For intermediate and advanced piano students)

3pm-430pm – Piano Accompanists’ Master Class: Bring sample pieces to this hands-on learning opportunity as Kristene and Laura work with you to perfect your accompanying skills. You can even bring a friend to sing or play an accompanying instrument.

3pm-4pm - Voice Master Class: Work with former Yale University instructor, Kathleen Lane, as you discuss vocal care, range, technique, pitch and tone, and other important aspects of maintaining, stretching and improving yourvocal talents. For those students/adults who participated in a vocal solo performances, be prepared to share your piece again for possible use during the master class.

4pm-6pm – Festival Choir FINAL Rehearsal (age 15 and older) 6:30pm – Students pick up certificates, judging sheets and medals.

7pm-8:30pm – FINAL CONCERT: An outstanding collection of performances by students and teachers alike. Hear from the top performing students during the festival, the festival community choir, as well as a selected piece from each of our guest clinicians. Don’t miss this evening performance and the first-rate performances of our guests and local musicians, and the awarding of the Star Valley Rotary Club Musician’s Scholarship!


An optional, private lesson is also available with any of our guest clinicians - don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! See form for private lesson fees.


LOW-COST meals/snacks will be available for purchase for lunch/dinner from 11am-2pm and 4:30pm-6pm each day through AA Catering. You are also welcome to send students with sack lunches.


Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend workshops with their participating students. The extra “chaperones” will be helpful.

Sign up before May 10, 2013


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