Thank you for supporting me as I represent all of Wyoming in the Miss for American Strong Pageant.  

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I am so proud to represent our community and way of life. I love Wyoming, the land where we are capable, get dirty, and are strong and resilient.

I am proud to speak out in behalf of the young who are trafficked against their will with the cooperation of Libertas International.  

While recently serving a church service mission based in San Jose California, I came face to face with human trafficking.  I felt powerless.  I ached for its victims.  I am working with Tyler Schwab of Libertas International to use my voice and platform to inform and invoke change.  Change such as aftercare for those who escape.  Justice for the survivors - and to show muscle behind our laws.  Help strengthening weak legislation -especially in Wyoming. Education plays a huge role in prevention too.  If children and able to attend school, they are significantly less likely to be sold by desperate parents. 

I love God.  

LAM_9469At Salon Eight NineSponsoring Nails and Toes THANK YOU Hannah!!


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Elk Horn Arch        $100 - $300

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The Grand Teton    $301 - $1000+

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Thank you so much!!